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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

Many official organisations, like companies, have a strava club. My work has one. Could have an option on the club page for a leader board with "commute activity time" and/or "commute activity distance" for activities tagged with the commute tag? (or more simply, but not quite as nice, allow clubs to only include activities in the current leader board that have the commute tag?)

This would give our company strava club a closer connection to the physical office, which strengthens the community; but also, it would allow our business to collect very useful information about how employees are commuting. Our business has some carbon targets, like many, but if we had the dynamic data for active business travel we would have a much stronger ability to see how much of an impact the business has. I think this must be common to many work-related strava clubs. It would also help our business know how much it needs to invest in facilities; e.g. if 10 or more people are commuting into the office on a particular day, maybe the office could set in place the investment needed to clean the showers more on that day. Collecting the data is the key to that sort of thing.

If the leader board counts time, energy or even estimated carbon saving against average car travel, this would be perfect; distance is a little misleading because some run into work and that's not a fair comparison to cycling.

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Former Member
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Great idea as long as Strava segments are not speed based ,this is to stop riders racing along shared bike paths this is where most user conflicts occur. It would be better to usage frequency NOT speed.

Pico de Orizaba

Thanks @Former Member . The idea is to have a leeboard, not for segments, but for an entire group. Currently groups have their own Leaderboards that can count distance, time, etc; but if their was an option to have only activity with a commute tag to appear, then groups could see how much active commuting they have. Please give kudos to show your support. Thanks.

Pico de Orizaba

I think that is a great idea! This is one more way to foster sports and community spirit in a Workplace. This could also work well at Universities and Schools. Also if these leaderboards become public in Strava community this will allow some healthy competition among organisations/universities/schools and inspire more people to cycle to work/university/school instead of driving or taking public transport