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Allow users to organize routes into folder.

For example, it would allow you to organize routes into regions. It should allow you to organize multiple activity types into the same folder. For example, a swim, bike, and run route all into the same folder for a triathlon.

This would allow users to easily sift through many routes.

This idea has been requested multiple times in comments of a previously delivered idea.

Mt. Kenya

Yes please to this idea!!

Mt. Kenya

Yes! Highly expected feature

Mt. Kenya

This would be sooooo helpful. Please update this, Strava Team!

Mt. Kenya

This is a great idea that should have been done a long time ago.  Thanks to whomever suggested it.  I voted for it!

Mt. Kenya

I have created a large number of routes but I would love to be able to organise them (not just by date created/modified). What would be amazing is to have the ability to drag the routes from one place on the screen to another. e.g. I would love to be able to put all my half-marathon routes together and all my trail runs together etc.

Mt. Kenya

I would like to request the ability to categorize, tag or group created routes to make them easier to manage. When there are lots of saved routes it can be hard to find what you're looking for, especically when the majority are all of the same activity type.

Being able to group routes by country, or region, or any other custom term would be really helpful I think.

I thank you!

Mt. Kenya

Why do the routes appear on the application in the order of creation rather than having those closest to you first? Which would be more logical. Why have the most recent first and not the closest ???


Most people usually create routes they want to tackle in their very next ride so showing the newest first is logical. Besides it's not an easy thing to program such a dynamic sorting based on current location.

Mt. Kenya


A few years ago, I used the Runtastic app and the routes were presented by: "nearest first". So it shouldn't be very difficult to do because we are systematically geolocated and it was very practical when you play sports in several regions

Mt. Kenya

I came here to suggest this! I have a lot of routes saved, and for example, I want a folder with just race routes, a folder with just my hikes, a folder of running routes in my town, a folder of running routes for when I am visiting friends. I love the versatility of this--we can all organize things the way that makes sense to us!


I registered to suggest exactly this. Fantastic idea.

I use the planner a lot to plan longer race bike (or MTB) tours over several days or plan for several tours in a certain area where we might go for some days during a longer weekend or part of a holiday.

During this planning phase, I typically end up with quite a few tours.

It would be great if one could sort the planned routes into categories or subfolders named as you like (e.g., Dolomites, Valais, France, Lombardy, 5-day tour Germany, Mont Blanc round trip, etc.).

As of now, I have to name my routes for a certain area or trip in a special way to keep them apart.

Thanks for a great app. 🙂

Mt. Kenya

@Soren @lindsaylee - Upvoting this would be extremely helpful.

OKR / themes that may align to fuel growth for Product Management to consider:

  • Simplify User Experience (UX Improvements)
  • Increase CSAT -As an End User: Improve: Search, Cataloguing, Reduce Potential Route Duplicates
  • Brings Functionality Parity with Competitors (e.g. All Trails ability to create lists/folders)
  • Improved Community Sharing (e.g. Ability to share folders/lists with other Strava Users)

User Pain Points:

  • As an experienced rider in Strava, I find it difficult and very time consuming to review 50/100+ routes to find back previously mapped routes
  • As an experienced rider in Strava, I find it very difficult and overwhelming to find my favorite routes that I have stored many moments ago (Years/Months)
  • As an experienced rider in Strava, I encounter a lot UX friction with find-ability. I love Strava functionality overall, and ability to create my own routes BUT I am able to more easily refer back to previously saved routes via AllTrails
  • As Multi-sport Athlete I am unable to differentiate routes saved based on sport and terrain (i.e Gravel Biking Routes in a National Forest vs. Cross Country Skiing in a National Forest) I am unable to curate Activity + Geography

Overall, Strava's functionality is superb. However, UX plays a main component that significantly hinders advanced functionality. From an User Journey Mapping perspective, I am very unhappy when I have to search back for previously saved routes and I am left overwhelmed, otherwise for what would be an empowering end-to-end user journey.

Mt. Kenya

Great feature!!

Mt. Kenya

Could you add functionality so that I can organize my saved routes in folders or tag my routes? I’d like to be able to search my saved routes based on location, route attributes (flat, hills, etc.). I’d also like to be able to save my routes in folders (e.g. dream routes, training camp 2024, etc.).


I think it would be very useful to add different sorting options to the "My Routes" panel.

In my case, the most useful options would be sorting by distance and alphabetically.