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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

When I look at the "Relative Effort" section of my rides, I see a graph called "Weekly Effort."

This graph usually makes no sense.  If I look at the ride on Monday morning, it will compare my effort for that one day to the entire week prior and always tells me my efforts are below average.

It would be much more helpful if the graph and analysis were done on a rolling 7-day basis.  It would be helpful to know how I'm doing for the last week vs the prior week, no matter what day I look at it.

Mt. Kenya

Yes, for those of us (many) who do most of their exercise at the weekend, and especially those whose Sunday church is a Long Run, this will incorrectly show that "your activity has been lighter than usual" for 6 days of every week, which makes the whole screen useless.  

Mt. Kenya

I joined the forum just to suggest this but I see you have already done it lol. It's so annoying that every day until Sunday afternoon it tells me I'm behind last week. crazy