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Status: Gathering Kudos

Please implement a toggle to combine virtual rides with real rides or not. Apparently these used to be separated, but Strava decided to merge them for some reason... If I walk, run, hike, those all count as different activities on my profile, but for some reason Strava decided a Zwift ride is the same as a real outdoor ride, when that's clearly not the case.

I don't care if people want to combine these on their profile, that's their call, but I don't want them on mine. I am tracking my actual rides. And sicne Strava now forces these to be merged, I am no longer using Strava to log virtual activities despite being a paid subscriber. I want to log them, but I want them in their own category. I want them considered for things like freshness scores and activity levels... 

With Peloton I can bodge this by classifying them as "workouts", but Zwift Virtual Rides don't allow me to do this since they've got fake gps data... 

You have the codebase to merge them, and the codebase to separate them. Please implement a simple profile preference toggle so I can separate these activities and start using Strava again. 

Mt. Kenya

I agree with this one! I used to do virtual rides on zwift and I absolutely couldn't stand that they count towards my yearly stats in my Strava profile. I stopped uploading them because to me they are not the same thing as riding outside and I hated seeing my yearly odometer go up by counting virtual kilometers. Seemed like a cheap way of boosting my stats by jumping into a group ride in watopia and doing 40km in an hour with no hassle at all. That's impossible to do in real life. 

Definitely would be nice to separate "Real" miles from "Virtual" miles and just show them side by side - if anyone wants to combine them that's a very simple case of adding 2 numbers, but for the folks that don't want to combine them - well at the moment it's a big hassle and nearly impossible to do (gotta go through all the activities and count them one by one). Making them separate works for everybody. 

Even had avid zwift fans agree with me on this one - collecting kilometers (or miles) in zwift (or any virtual) platform is easier than real life - no stops, no traffic, no intersections with stoplights, no sharp turns etc. so with the same amount of power generated you cover more miles. Doesn't make sense to combine those 2 worlds together to be honest. 


Mt. Kenya

I’m also in favour of having options to include or exclude virtual rides for goals and metrics.

I think I might have a workaround for 2024: set my annual goal for Gravel Ride distance and then upload all my outdoor rides as gravel.

I haven’t tried it yet, but from my understanding of the challenge and goals rules, this should:

  • exclude virtual rides from counting towards the gravel ride goals
  • still allow gravel rides to count towards challenges

Has anyone tried this already?