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Status: Gathering Kudos

I believe it would be incredibly engaging to have the ability to see which of my friends are currently exercising at any given moment. Imagine a feature similar to Instagram story bubbles, where I can easily spot my friends who are active. And with a simple click, I could access more detailed statistics about their activities.


Nothing happens in real time on Strava. Activities aren't uploaded until after they are completed. 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea. This does pose quite some complex issues, however, we have opened it to voting.

Mt. Kenya

When you are running or riding with the phone, Watch or a cycle computer track the location and send a notification in the phone  is someone of your followers is around you. The ray of circumference can be set by user.

Mount Logan

Maybe that could work if all the followers record with the Strava app. Cycle computers are another thing, they don't know anything about followers and sending locations via connected phones is usually frowned upon due to phone battery drain reasons.


Wahoo computers have this feature already built in but it only shows other opted in Wahoo users. It is a cool feature but I can see where there would be some privacy concerns for a lot of users.  

Mount Logan

@ChrisBerry That's one of the first things I decativated on my Wahoo. Icons from users I don't know cluttered the map screen and my phone battery was severely impacted. In general I wouldn't mind if followers are shown but convincing Strava and all the various head unit, watch and app developers to sit together and implement this seems like one large project.