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Status: Gathering Kudos

It would be great if Strava offered the opportunity to sign-up for events/races within Strava and then others could see the upcoming events that they're training for. This would benefit Strava as well, as they would presumably get a cut of entries fees as the hosting platform.

Mt. Kenya

I have been on a training camp and met new people that share the same passion for Triathlon as I do. We were trying to compare our race schedules to see whether we were racing the same races or could support each other as spectators. 

I was wondering whether it makes sense for people to log their planned race starts and for them to see who else (of their connections) will be racing the same event. In a more advanced solution, it could also be helpful to see, who has raised this event in previous years to be able to reach out for questions. 

I think this adds a lot of value to the "clubhouse" purpose of the app. 


It still would be nice to have the ability to add an event or race to our profile and to curate our training activities to it. 


  • To be able to add an event (race) similarly to how a member can add "shoes". The event can have a specific date, even corral to a public or group event (i.e. Boston Marathon) or be completely private.
  • The timeline can see "Johnny has created 'Boston Marathon 2025' event" they have the ability to give kudos to it. (The kudos tells your algorithm that the followers will be interested in seeing related posts from this member).
  • Every time Johnny does a workout he can decide to tag the event to it. 
  • Like a typical social media hashtag, a user can see all activities related to that event.