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Status: Gathering Kudos

When posting an "E-Mountain Bike Ride" (which is apparently a separate sport from "E-Bike Ride" on Strava) the only tag options for the type of ride are "Commute" and "Indoor Cycling". Both of these options seem unlikely to be chosen for this ride option (indoor e-mountain bike ride?). I would like to see some more realistic tag options such as "Workout", "Race". and even "Exploration". Just like my regular mountain bike rides, most of my e-bike rides would be tagged as "Workout". 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea to expand the tag options for E-Mountain Bike Ride. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

I would like to see this not just for EMTB, but for E bike rides in general. I just race in the ebike category at Unbound. Since there is no such thing as "eGravel" rides, it would be cool if you expanded the Race tag to both eMTB and regular E bike rides. 


I've also been competing in E-MTB for some time now, around 2 years or so, and Strava doesn't give us the option to add the 'race' tag, as it happens in MTB! It's a bit frustrating not being able to differentiate between training and racing!

Mt. Kenya

Absolutely agree! Thank you for your comment.

Mt. Kenya

Tottaly Agree, we need the same type of options that regular mountain bikes have.

Mt. Kenya

I had raised a ticket about this very subject and have been directed here.

I completed a 27 mile Off Road MTB Challenge on my Cube Reaction Hybrid and the only option was 'Commute'.

This is now an outdated single option as ebiking is in the UCI World Champs!!

Come on Strava, get with the times and add all or other options.

If this gets updated maybe more of the challenges will include 'E-bike' or E-Mountain Bike' too instead of just 'Ride'

Mt. Kenya

Aliás, não adianta muito fazer sugestões, visto que desde o mês de maio foi respondido e nada foi modificado. Não me interessa mais registrar meu desempenho pelo Strava. Ele não considera o cliente