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Under segments compare there's the choice to see times and ranks against a filter of age, followers and the like and there's a today filter which is really useful for seeing how you and your buddies did on a section, however, it would be HUGELY useful if there was a filter by date option even if you could select a specific date going only back a few days. Ideally we could be able to select an unlimited date range for eg. The weekend of *>*



Yes, huge +1 here. 

This comes up most often after I've participated in an organized bike race and I want to see how everyone did that day on certain segments. Unfortunately I can no longer view the leaderboard for that specific day once that day has passed. 

Or, I might have put in a solid effort on a segment on a particular day and want to see how I fared against others who rode that same segment with those conditions on that same day. I am no longer able to see that leaderboard view after that day has passed.

"Yesterday" helps, but a custom date range would solve almost all needs here. 

Pico de Orizaba

+1 totally agree! surprised strava have not thought about it themselves!

Mt. Kenya

Currently, you can only search standings/results by all/this year/this month, etc. It would be helpful (particularly in the COMPARE screen) to be able to filter results by a custom date range. For example: if i'm trying to compare my effort in a race verse a competitor, I can't compare the actual race data if their best time on that segment happened at a previous date.

like right now, if i want to compare my race on June 24, 2023 vs someone else in that race but their best time was in 2015 I can't select COMPARE and then get that same race day, I can only compare all of my results vs their best ever time. 

If i was doing this comparison on Dec 31, 2023, I could select "this year" but once its 2024, its no longer possible, custom date search would allow direct comparisons on any specific day.

Pico de Orizaba

Totally agree with that ^^^

Mt. Kenya


We have a MTB track and we keep this up to date. From time to time we change it a bit or we add new (short) tracks. Because of several extensions and update on our track, the original segment is not correct anymore. Only when we create a new one, we still see all the old times from the old activities.
Is it an idea to add a start and end date to an segment, so we don't see the old activities on a new segment?
Thanks in advance.

Mt. Kenya

 @Jane Thanks for moving my post, but this is a bit different.
They want to compare when they analyze the segment.
We just don't want to see the old activities in our new segment.

Moderator Moderator

Hello @RdW 

We get many hundreds of ideas submitted each year, and we merge similar ideas together.  This means that we may merge your idea with another idea on that subject, even if what you are proposing is not identical.  This helps us gather feedback on a particular feature in one central location which makes it easier for our Product Teams to review.  It also prevent votes/kudos from being split across multiple, similar ideas, which reduces the visibility of the core topic.  

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

I totally agree with this idea!!
I have now situation that we had country skiing race last weekend (now it is monday). We had race on saturday and sunday on the same track. Weather was totally different on saturday and sunday so also result times differs a lot on both days. Sunday was much faster 
I want to compare my efforts on saturday and also on sunday but now I can see only the fastest times on the sunday.
It would be great if you can select the day you want to compare 🙂

Mt. Kenya


i would love it if the ‘Today’ leaderboard retained the results from the day I completed that segment (when viewed through an activity), rather than always being refreshed to today’s date.

Unless I check the today leaderboard on the day of my activity, it renders it completely pointless, as I am no longer comparing similar weather conditions, or seeing the times from people who I was riding with.



Easy one, also related to the master idea I submitted to completely restructure how segments database operates:

What: Allow segment leaderboards to be filtered for a specific date in the past. Today options are limited (today, this year, etc). 

Why: it’s useful for example for competitive racing. Coming back in time and checking all competitors time in the day of the race, allows people to get a better grip of how everyone performed. 


Mt. Kenya

That's very interesting. If you want to do this now, you have to wait till the endo of the day and check it.

When the day finish you can't check this ono more time

It's nice to see how fast the people was the day of the event.

Thank you