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Status: Gathering Kudos

I'd like to suggest an enhancement to the goals in Strava. While it is great that I can set mileage goals, time goals, and elevations goals, it would be amazing if I could set a frequency goal, such as "Walk twice a week". While it is true that I can view activities by week in the Training Log and in my profile, this doesn't provide the same incentive as a goal. Having a frequency goal would not only push me to be more active, but more consistent from week to week.

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As a subscriber, I want to set goals by frequency of activity (e.g. walk twice a week, bike 8 times a month), so that I can improve my consistency.

Given the user is a subscriber, when they are trying to set a goal, they should have the option of setting a frequency-based goal to track number of activities over a period of time.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea about setting frequency based goals, great suggestion! It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

I would love to be able to set goals in Strava that pertain to how many 'active' days I have. This could be the ability to set a goal for how many days I want to log an activity in a week/month/year or how many days I want to log a specific activity (i.e. running) in a specified period of time!

Thought of this while looking at my year in review, which makes note of this count anyway and would love to stretch myself in this way!


Great idea. I would love this implemented. Currently I only rely on the Garmin Connect app for frequency based goals.


I support this request. Please also add dates when a goal will be achieved and then the goal gets disabled as completed successfully. 

for instance, when one is training for a major marathon with weekly mileage, the goals feature will come in handy 

Mt. Kenya

I’d love this feature. I’ve been injured for some time now and am re-building my running base along with strengthening. I’d love to be able to set goals to run 3 days a week, do yoga at least once/week, and do my rehab daily. As of right now I’m tracking this in my training log, but not Strava. Seems like it would a great feature, especially with some sort of  recover app integration. 

Mt. Kenya

Meant to add:


It would be great to be able to use frequency, but also to use time per week. Aka I want to stretch for 45 minutes this week, or I want to stretch every day, or something like that.