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Status: Gathering Kudos

Google utilizes the Health Connect application to store health data on devices, aggregating information from various applications like GoogleFit, Garmin, SamsungHealth, FitBit, and many others which write their data into Health Connect.
A notable exception is Strava, prompting the question: Why doesn't Strava write data into Health Connect? As a user, I would prefer not to sync my devices and apps individually, nor manage data across disparate applications. Instead, a unified framework where all data is consolidated and easy to track would be ideal.
Especially considering that Strava on iOS reads data from Apple Health, it seems logical to wonder why it doesn’t read from Health Connect on Android. This functionality could potentially elevate it to a major app among Android users, particularly since Android 14 comes with Health Connect as a default app. Just something to consider for your information (FYI).

Mt. Kenya

@Marya - what is going on with this request? Can we please get another update. It's unbelievably baffling that Health Connect hasn't been integrated yet. 

Mt. Kenya

Patiently waiting but Also not renewing my subscription if this isn't implemented.

Mt. Kenya
  • @Marya please update us Android users on the progress of syncing with Health Connect, and provide ETA?
  • Would prefer actual facts rather than rote answers, please?
  • This is going on too long now...
Mt. Kenya

Whow! I thought the Google Fit Integration hat gone whacky again, but it's a feature that has to be voted upon? Like in "I vote the car I bought, is actually driving?"

Subscription cancelled.


Mt. Kenya

This is really amazing !
You learn that a major feature of the app you paid a monthly subscription for somehow "lost" a central feature.
Then you try to fix it, give up after days of frustration (Thank you soooo much Strava!), as a last resort take to the forums, e voilà: I already GOT THREE FORUM EXCELLENCE BADGES plus a pre AI bot answer.

Is it possible to donate to Strava? This feels soooo great.

If you cut the other half of the world of Apple Health, please tell me in advance, so I can get an Apple Watch beforehand and have the same great experience again. 

Mt. Kenya

@Marya please can we have an update on the progress? I won't re-state that this approach is killing Strava more and more each day. 

To everyone else, please hit that kudos button on the original post, so that it advanced from 'Gathering Kudos'...

Mt. Kenya

If this feature is not implemented I will not renew my subscription 

Mt. Kenya

@Marya another call for an update please. The fact that the summary stats at the bottom of forum show "ideas in development (0)" does not fill me with confidence that Strava is listening to this serious point.

Mt. Kenya

Please Strava... this feature would make too much sense. Otherwise I will have to look at other apps, which are however not used by half as many users and do not feature all the things strava does. Please make it easy for us and just implement it