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Status: Gathering Kudos

When I search in My Activities I must give the exact word used as one of the words in the activity title.

Searching with "morning" gives (a lot of) hits, but searching with "morn" gives zero hits.
I'm used to searching with partial words and think that it would be a nice feature to add to the Strava website.

Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 11.35.38.pngScreenshot 2023-10-05 at 11.36.09.png


Yes, the search could definitely be better.


Strava, please improve the search!

I have 12+ years of activities on Strava. Finding anything by name is nearly impossible.

Here is an example. I am going to do a run on Grand Ridge trail, so I want to look at my past activities. If I search for "Grand Ridge" as two words, it returns me all activities with either "Grand" or "Ridge". I don't know why this has been implemented to use the OR combination of entered words. That is not how people do searches. The more words I enter the narrower search should become. But with the activity search that is opposite. Please change that.

Searching for partial words may also be a good idea, but I suspect, based on how fast the search is, Strava probably uses indexing of words, which would make the partial search impossible.

Mt. Kenya

Like other search functions on other sites, it would a huge advantage to be able to search my activities using many of the available statistics and characteristics of the activity. For example, find all rides with max HR > 160, or all rides with average power < 120, or distance > 50 but less then 75, or all rides within 10% of my FTP, or all rides with over 2% of climbing, or ...

Or, of course, any combination of these using AND, or OR.

Mt. Kenya

My 'advanced search' capabilities has been merged with this idea of improved word searches. I disagree that my idea is similar to the merged idea, as mine is much more comprehensive, but there you go. 

I guess my suggestion will get hidden amongst the comments and not get noticed.


@vinags I'm with you, maybe they employ some dumb algorithm that automatically merges ideas if some words are the same. A more similar idea to yours was proposed in, maybe you can kudo and comment that!



God **bleep** yes how is this not a thing? Literally planned a ride based on the fact i thought I'd ridden a mountain but it didnt show on my activities. Only to find 'Buff' didn't show 'Buffalo'. Seems like a basic search process many people would do.

PLEASE FIX THIS! Searching by part of a word is a basic search feature even my 10 year old website has.


When I search for a race name in my activities, for example "Chuckanut 50K", the search returns me all activities that have either "Chuckanut" or "50K" in their names. That makes little sense to me. Entering more words into the search should result in narrowing down the search.

Alternatively, it might return all results that match either "Chuckanut" or "50K" but in that case the search results must be ranked in a way that all activities that match both words are at the top of the search. 

Currently, when I search for "Chuckanut 50k", the first 3 activities are:
1) Chuckanut Middle 18M (actually 19)
2) Briddle Trails Winter Running Festival 50K
3) Speedgoat 50K

The activity that I am actually looking for is on the 4th row, but only because I ran it just a year ago. There are more activities with "Chuckanut 50K" in their title but I have to scroll through multiple pages of search results to find them because I ran them much further in the past.

So it looks like the search returns activities that match ANY searched word and sorts them by date in reverse order.  The desired behavior should be to have activities that match ALL searched words at the top.


Mt. Kenya

I recenly raised a ticket regarding the search function in my activities. I was just sent here after the initial "Related to you querey" email, assuming we are all stupid.  My initial message to Strava is below. I must pioint out I titled the rides as (x) laps with (persons name) at (location). I also sent images showing the rides the search filter ignored.

I recently used the search filter in my activities to find rides I did with a friend by using his name. This showed one ride this year and the previous one was from last year. I have rode at least twice this year. I checked that they were sorted date wise and most recent. I can find another ride with this person by removing his name from the search bar.

I then tried searching for "with" and that only showed rides from over a year ago. It would seem the search function doesn't work very well at all.