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Pico de Orizaba
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I've been using Strava to record bike rides for a few years - I have covered many Segments in my area and I'm keen to find new ones.  The Segment Explore feature is a little frustrating - if I have a broad search the results are limited to the 10 most "popular", which are generally well known to me and if I have a narrower search it may only show 2 or 3 results, even though I know there are many more Segments within the search area.

I have had much more success using the function called "Don't see the Segment you're looking for ?" at the bottom of an Activity - this may show perhaps 50 Segment names that were nearby or partially completed by my Activity and hence could be a source of new Segments to try.  It's a little tedious to review these individually so I was wondering if it might be possible to show all these graphically on a map, together with the Activity ? 


Are you a premium member? The map search function in the mobile app works a lot better than the old search methods, and also better than the web version. Still needs improvement, but much improved with a lot of good functionality with sorting by distance, climbing, etc.

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The segment search feature on the web is terrible.  As you said, you can find some of the most popular ones using the map, but that is about it.  The search function doesn't work at all.  I've typed in the EXACT name of segments nearby where I am at and where I have been looking at the map and it not only won't pull those up, but will usually pull up random ones from around the world that are totally unrelated.  I swear they must have tied the search function into a random number generator.  


I honestly don't quite understand how the current version of the segment explorer in the app works. I can't understand the pattern. Often it highlights some obscure segments with very few people on the leaderboard but at the same time refuses to show some much more popular nearby segments no matter what. I guess what it shows is supposed to be personalized but I find it fairly frustrating to use, especially with large fonts that I have on my phone. I should probably do a separate post about that.