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Status: Gathering Kudos

I agree that recording an ebike activity as a powered human is incorrect because it distorts the ranking of segments.But the challenges are personal and do not concern others.Why then make ebikes ineligible for challenges?Personally,i use equal parts of a human road bike and an e gravel bike with as much energy expenditure in one case as in the other.Not being able to count my electric outings in my challenges will lead me to forget about it.Or not to declare them as electric.

Mt. Kenya

With the price increases to Strava, when will Strava support more e-bike features?  We pay the same amount as everyone else but are restricted in challenges.    I do not think people really want to game Strava just to be included, but they will.     It can not be that hard.   Have challenges with multiple leaderboards.   Also, when looking at challenges, you can see people (Not just ebike people) game them all the time.  They start, and a person already has hundreds of miles in one day.      I do not care about leaderboards but the challenges give me a goal to work at during the month.  



Hello Strava,

Many people I have met have purchased emtb to lower the barrier of re-entry back into the sport after taking many years off.

It’s understandable that you could use max power on an emtb and set ridiculous times, and accomplish challenges quicker, but the main point is - get people outside moving.

As a pre post stated, it’s hard to justify paying for a subscription when we lack so many of the features others in the same sport have.

IMO people who have spent money on an Emtb, tend to have a bit more disposable money and more willing to pay for a subscription.

Please help us make the most out of 2024 and make challenges (and local legends) available to us.