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Status: Gathering Kudos

I think it will be a great feature if you create a title like KOM for people older than 55 , 60 or 65 years. This will push the battle for Koms for best agers. It will be great motivation to reach the Seniors crown for riders over approximatly 60 years old. It will motivate also younger riders when they see what power elder riders have.

Such a masters KOM will motivate more people than the local legend title. The local legend title says nothing about the power of the rider it can be cancelled asap

Greetings Axel

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@Axel  I like idea, just wondering about implementation...

As a paid subscriber, already you can sort segment leaderboards by age groups. Do you find this feature to be lacking? Maybe because most people will not see and recognize that you are on top of your age group?

Where do we draw the senior age line, and why? 50? 55? 60?

What would this look like in the app? I'm guessing maybe below the All-Time categories on a segment page, it lists:

All-Time (Masters)

All-Time (Masters Men)

All-Time (Masters Women)

I think Masters sounds better than Senior. But in running, Masters is often officially 40+. So that's another question to consider. Do we then open up a can of worms by having Master (40+) AND Senior (60+)? And that sort of brings us full circle, because we already have age groups.

Maybe it would be helpful to allow ALL strava members to view ALL age group categories on the app? Right now I can only see my own age group. If everyone could see all of them, maybe it would create more of a sense of public recognition?

Mt. Kenya

One simple improvement which is easy to make would be to add an 80+ age group. Thank you.