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Mt. Kenya
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I like putting unique map types on my runs because the run stands out and gives it a more personalised look, however the only two options id choose from are Original and Strava Metro as all the others infer that i am politically involved. i dont think a feature like map colour or style should necessarily be involved with supporting ukraine, pride or black lives matter, or if they are to be involved, please give those of us who prefer to stay impartial from such subjects have more of a choice. 

Pico de Orizaba

I agree, paid subscribers have many different colour options to represent certain statistics, but just some more colour options would be cool

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Moderator Moderator

Hello @mijwalsh 

Thanks for your post. At Strava, we don't believe community and inclusion are political. This is part of our commitment to actively dismantling and eradicating racism and discrimination in all forms—a fundamental right under international human rights law—and to making sure everyone feels welcome on Strava. It's about giving everyone the opportunity to experience all the things we love about sport and to feel the same safety and belonging many of us take for granted in this space – something that shouldn't be "political" or controversial. To achieve that goal, we have to recognize that sport is not separate from the system of oppression that silences and disadvantages some people.

Please be aware that we don't currently accept idea submissions about map polylines, so this suggestion will be archived.  

Lastly, I want to make sure you're aware of the other map types we offer.  Subscribers can access many map types including 3D maps as well as personalized stat maps, where you visualize your pace, heart rate, elevation and other attributes on your activity map.  Check that out here.

Again, we want to thank you for your post, we appreciate your contribution on the Strava Community Hub.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

En effet.. ok bien sûr pour le soutien à l'Ukraine et ok bien sûr pour le soutien à Israël.. etc. terrain pour le moins glissant non? 

Mt. Kenya

ouais j’agree.. je pense que c'est trop partial de dire qu'ils ne sont pas politiques. 

Mt. Kenya

And for the moderator @Jane, you mention that “community and inclusion are not political” however by this statement you are labeling those in support of black lives matter and pride as not being political in any sense, regardless of the controversy and very much political affiliation with both terms. When you look at the map types available heing “BLM”, “This Girl Can”, “Support Ukraine” you are including politics; whether inclusive or not, you are still promoting a political bias, least of all by the “support ukraine” label. With all due respect, there is a level of controversy that stands with supporting Pride, whilst you may argue that it is promoting those to be able to express who they feel they are in terms of gender, i would like to bring into effect the fact that I personally, along with many others disapprove of a major part in the Pride movement that encourages children and young people in general to consider their “real identity” and introduce a very new and potentially confusing outlook on developing brains for the sake of “inclusion” - This is where my point stands that the map types are politically driven; as Strava as a whole considers pride for instance, and as a result the encouragement of children of ANY age undergoing trans-gender operations without full understanding of the implications, consequences, reasons or even a compos-mentis thought process(as a childs brain is in development until 25 years old and the pride movement encourages children of all age to “consider” this procedure, it is a totally appropriate assumption to make that a child of for example 8 years old being influenced to “consider their gender” and have a say in whether they have a gender-changing operation, is in fact not making an informed decision), Strava is as a whole not only taking a political stance, but actively promoting the extremely radical practices condoned by this political ideology, as I would in no way consider the above examples of children having gender-change operations “a fundamental right under international human rights law”. With this in consideration, please could i reopen the discussion that the map types are indeed promoting radical political opinions, and stand by my request to introduce more impartial, relevant and even useful map types, such as one that shows on a run for example, different speeds at certain points denoted by a colour spectrum varying from blue being slow and red being fast.



Thank you for your time

Mt. Kenya

A straight forward lets live together and respect each other Map Type would be great.
A general Peace Map to decry the current multiple of ongoing armed conflicts (in some references there are incredibly over 100) A catch phrase from 60's or from John Lennon might be appropriate. We are all athletes of various capabilities, we respect each others performances It's a shame its not contagious. Thanks

Mt. Kenya

We need to bump this up.

I have to agree that differing map types, which support various agendae, are inappropriate and create unintended consequences. Strava is used a world wide platform. How about we all just get along and enjoy the ride/run etc? - there's still room for friendly rivalry without creating tribal divisions.
I don't wish to push my own political or social preferences on other Strava users..  Nor, should any athletes, moderators or Strava be promoting their own beliefs and/or cultural dichotomies on others. I agree with high ideals like World Peace and Inclusiveness, However, the nature of demanding these things is unfortunately in itself divisive.
There should be no place on Strava for this tangential propaganda.

What's next? Support Palestine/ Ride for Israel/ Swim for non-binary whales? 

Mt. Kenya

I too do not want to see this woke drivel here.

FFS stop trying to indoctrinate others with your (strava) minority personal beliefs.

It's totally inappropriate,

Mt. Kenya

Wow, Strava please have a look at this thread again. I don't think you understand just how divisive some of those movements are outside of California or the USA ~ there's a whole heap of complicated cultural imperialism associated with these political brandings especially when you don't provide an option for conservative or basically anyone who doesn't share your particular triumvirate of political (and @Jane come now, it's completely ridiculous to claim Pride, BLM, Support Ukraine and This Girl Can aren't political) leanings.

Some great maps colouration could include:

CND, White Poppy (for peace) UNICEF, Vegan (for the animals)

Please review the options you afford us subscribers. X 

Mt. Kenya

Bumping this thread again after a number of people have also shared their agreement with the points I originally raised. I would like to emphasise the original point that, though the definition of something being “political” can (clearly) be very open to interpretation, I think we can agree that there is zero athletic benefit to having a “Black Lives Matter” map type as opposed to, as I previously mentioned, one that would show your speed throughout the activity denoted by a colour spectrum. The “community and inclusion” beliefs of Strava are in fact very much politically motivated, as would be the concern with bringing in any sort of strong-intended message that has even an ounce of potential to be opposed, and so therefor you simply cannot make the point that BLM, Pride and Support Ukraine map types are simply for “community and inclusion” and have zero political affiliation. I think that due to the response of  @Jane   having made this exact point, and furthermore shutting down this thread based heavily off of the points I have just mentioned, it’s quite obvious that my original submission of this idea was cancelled due to the extremist views of, at the very least @Jane ’s views on what is political and what isn’t- I cant say for sure whether it was just her decision or who actually reviews these submissions and makes the final decision. That being said, I am happy to argue this point some more as myself and clearly others feel there need to be some changes in order, and I am unhappy with the way this suggestion was dealt with the first time.