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Mt. Kenya
Status: Archived

On a few of the segments I ride regularly, a cyclist who is currently the Local Legend of said segments will ride the segment 2 or 3 times one or two days a week.  I don't know this for sure, but presumably this is to maintain his L.L. status.  If it were a steep hill, I could understand it, but it is pancake flat.  Yes, I am right behind him in completions.  Rather than compete with this person by doing more reps of the particular segments, I would much prefer riding a longer, more interesting route.  

If the idea is to reward consistency in riding vs speed (KOM), Wouldn't it be more valuable to ride 5 days a week vs 1 or 2?  A solution would be to only give 1 credit per day for completing  a segment.  That would provide incentive to get out and ride more days of the week.

Thanks for listening.


Pico de Orizaba

Sounds to me like you should get out and do the segment more often if you want local legend status

Mt. Kenya

Yes for sure LandonE, but I think you miss my point.  Is it better to have someone ride a segment 5 days per week as part of a longer ride or someone ride a segment 3 times 2 days per week as part of a shorter ride?  Currently the latter will be the local legend.  The incentive is for me, if I want to be local legend, to go out and do multiple loops of the same segment to compete.  Which I can do, it's just no fun.  


For being LL it's obviously better to ride the segment multiple times a day. I don't know where you got the idea that LL was invented for "consistency riding".

Mt. Kenya

I don't know about obviously..I think it's better to be on the segment Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat than to be on the segment Mon and Thurs just doing repeats.  Just my opinion.


When I think of what I would consider the "legend" of anything, it would be the one I would think of the most when I thought of the specific "thing".  In this case, it is a segment.  For me, the "legend" of a segment would be the one I would identify with that segment the most which would be whoever is on it the most.  This would not be tied to how many days in a row someone was on it, but who was on it the most in a given time.  Consider this: If you had to pick between two people to refer to as the "local legend" of a segment, who would you pick?  The person who did the segment 9 out of the last 10 days or the person who did it 3 times a day for 8 of those 10 days?  I would pick the one who has done it 24 times versus the one who has done it 9.  That just just how I look at it though.  


Under your proposal, the extreme example of someone who runs around a big lake 50 times in a single day, once a month, is much less of a legend (3× over 90 days) than someone who runs it once a week (12×). In real life, the former is far more likely to be recognized, because far fewer people are likely to have done that. Achieving a feat many times in a single day is a feat in and of itself, and there’s no reason that should be ignored.

Plus, how boring would it be to know that you can just keep doing a segment once to keep the entire field at bay, vs. wondering if someone might suddenly demolish your 9-effort lead by completing the same segment 10× tomorrow?


@ChuckNorris wrote:

Is it better … a longer ride or … a shorter ride

Local Legends have nothing to do with total activity length (nor do segments, for that matter). Hence “local.”

Also, no one is stopping you from competing over segments that have less-competitive participants, nor from creating new segments where none exist. Even pros sign up for lesser tournaments so they can add more trophies to their cabinets, or when they’re recovering from injury or need a confidence boost, etc.

Lastly, you can read in the original announcement that the intent of Local Legends was to “celebrate grit, discipline and passion.” Completing a segment multiple times a day, multiple days a week, would certainly qualify—not asking the organizers to change the rules partway through so you can be declared the winner against more motivated opponents.

Status changed to: Archived

Thanks for submitting your idea and sharing your thoughts on the local legend feature and what you find valuable and motivational on a personal level. Right now, we aren't considering making adjustments to the way a local legend effort counts. We do appreciate the discussion around this and will pass the feedback along to our product team. Thank you for contributing to the community!


@Soren - Why do you move topics to the "archived" category just because you don't happen to be considering it right now?  Isn't the whole purpose of these suggestions is to gauge interest from your user base as to what you may want to consider to improve the experience in the future?  While I do not necessarily support this specific idea, I don't think arbitrarily moving it to "archived" makes any sense.  Why not leave it out there in the main forum in case there is sufficient interest down the line to support making some kind of change.