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Status: Gathering Kudos

If you finish the activity accidentally during the route (garmin Edge buttons sucks), you should be able to combine with the next activity.


This would be a very useful feature to have. I would like to be able to combine uploaded activities into one and also merge data from activities recorded simultaneously. Example would be when I use some fitness machines, I record the stats from the machine in an app that exports to strava, but then have to record heart rate separately on my watch due to the apps that sync with the machines not being able to connect to the heart rate monitoring on my watch. I'd like to combine the heart rate data recorded on my watch with the distance data etc from the apps syncing with the machines. 

Mt. Kenya

This would be a really great feature. I required this many times before and I am sick and tired to use 3rd party tools of even merge gpx XML by hand.
We loose all Kudos and comments when doing it outside of Strava. So PLEASE, consider this feature and I agree with another post, that it feels odd to even put such function for vote,

Another cool feature, very similar to this one is, that many time we see duplicated posts, e.g. recorded by a Garmin device and a mobile phone, maybe partly disjoint.
So the feature should really not only concatenate files, but also merge an extrapolate overlapping tracks.

Mt. Kenya

That would be extremely useful.
It would be also helpful to be able crop out sections of a ride (for example, a cafe pause where the watch continued recording) - although with the splitting activities and re-merging them that could be done in two steps.

Mt. Kenya

Unfortunately this happens from time to time. I've used the third party solution in the past and it is ok. It seems a little funny that Strava just points to that instead of implementing the solution themselves within the app or online. Cropping activities used to just be in a browser and that was fine because on the occasion when you forgot to stop your watch you could crop it later. I mention this because I think it would be fine if the feature to merge was only available in browser at first just so that we had something we could use. 

@Jane is there any word on if this feature is in the pipeline? Thanks!

Mt. Kenya

Please add this, it is really annoying when the watch decides to stop an activity.

Mt. Kenya

Hello ! If you are on android you can try my android app to merge Strava Activities :

My application is still under development, if you ever have any feedback or if you encounter any bugs. Do not hesitate to contact me.

If I have the time and motivation I will develop the iOS version. The app is free and I work on it in my free time.

Pico de Orizaba

Hello @Bvic ,

congrats to this App!! I am an iOS user but I hope you get a lot of users of your App and feedback. I am sure it will be a great help to many STRAVA users.

Although I have no programming skills and don't know how much effort it is and as much as I'd love to have an app, I wonder if a browser-based solution wouldn't make more sense? This would allow you to reach all STRAVA users who are looking for such a solution.

Anyway, thank you for the work you put into programming such a solution in your spare time!



Hi @Bvic,

Great that you've made this app for Android. Like @cy-linder I'm also using Iphone.
Too bad I can't test your SportsTrackMerger-app...

How are tests going, are you ready to go in Beta-testing?


Please make an option to merge rides directly in strava