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Status: Gathering Kudos

If you finish the activity accidentally during the route (garmin Edge buttons sucks), you should be able to combine with the next activity.

Mt. Kenya

Please Strava add this feature so we can link daily rides, eg when touring. Perhaps as a feature for subscribers.


Please do this! 

Also, I think being able to pick up with you left off in a route is important. I got lost when my route finished prematurely and I couldn't get it back. 

Mt. Kenya

Please add a merge button within Strava! My issue: I accidentally started a ride recording as a run. I stopped and saved it a mile in - there didn't seem to be a way to change the recording mode from a run to a ride. Then I started a new ride recording for the rest of my ride. When I got home I was able to edit the run into a ride. But when I searched for merging I ended up here. Totally frustrated by this lack of feature.

Mt. Kenya

You should also be able to link two activities together. We biked to an event, and then biked home after the event. I would like those two activities to be linked together as one 🙂

Mt. Kenya

I'd like to be able to ride to the store or dinner, stop Strava completely, then ride away again and call it a single ride (in my mind it is a single ride).

or similarly,  I ride to Yoga then I switch the app to "Yoga" (on my watch) then ride home and I'd like to see the bike ride as a single ride vs. 2