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Status: Gathering Kudos

Please create a new sport type for activities to be logged as 
1: Spin Bike (peloton / nordictrack, etc)
2: Trainer Bike (Non Smart)

Strava doesn't allow "dumb" trainer activities to be logged as Virtual because to be counted as virtual they must have fake GPS data (or maybe it's because of a sweet zwift partnership).

Understandably, virtual rides that mimic real world gps data shouldn't compete with those leaderboard, because yes, they are different, there is no traffic, wind, etc... That's why virtual rides shouldn't be categorised as rides. I don't understand the argument that non-gps virtual rides shouldn't be counted as virtual rides, since they lack gps data, they're not going to be competing on segments. This argument works in one direction, but that doesn't make it work in the other.

Anyways, I've seen many having issues since Strava made this blanket rule, so if you are unwilling to allow non-gps trainer and virtual rides count as such, can you please create a separate sport type for basic-trainers, and for spin bikes?

Pico de Orizaba

And allow such activities to have additional manual entries added for such things as distance, elevation etc

Pico de Orizaba

One if the limitations of spin bikes is that they don’t always have a native sync with Strava.  I use Apple Watch data for heart rate and time, but if course it has no distance or elevation.  
Most bikes do report this local to the device, so what is also needed is a way to manually add the missing data fields to the activity.  
I suggest this is via the Edit function which could present an option to add manually created data fields.