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Status: Gathering Kudos

I'm asking because shoveling at 4 inches of snow can be a workout in itself, and with me being in the lake-effect belt of Michigan... well, I probably have to shovel at least 6 inches to a foot of snow. Please make it more fun for the people who live in extremely snowy areas!

Mt. Kenya

Anything less than 2in of snow is suspect.. and using a snowblower does not count

1. activity is 30+ min. ☑️
2. heart rate is elevated for an extended time ☑️
3. specialized equipment ☑️
4. use caution to not get hurt ☑️

Mt. Kenya

I live on a corner so I have triple to shovel compared to my nabes and I get such an amazing workout from shoveling.  <- Not complaining, I love the free outdoor gym membership Mother Nature provides me. I can feel my stomach getting flatter/stronger and my arms and shoulders getting stronger and firmer!  Shoveling snow is the best strength training ever (for me) and I wish there was a Strava activity (and metrics) for it!