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On the Dashboard page, just below the profile box,  on the left.  There is the weekly stats.  
This is nice to see at a glance, it also tracks your yearly stats....but the only options to track are Bike, Run, and Swim.
Can we please get the option of choosing our preferred sports so that they show up in our YTD totals? Personally I do Cycling, hiking, snowboarding,  gym workouts. It would be great if I could easily see my totals for those activities.  Im sure others would like to see different activities summaries for the year, too. 

Mt. Kenya

Here to add another vote to implement this! I would think it wouldn't be a complicated change to add the customization there.

I primarily use Strava for rollerblading, rowing, and running and would love to be able to see those annual statistics and such as my preferred sports, or however it would be worded.

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Hello @DFlow722 

Thanks for posting about this.  You will be able to see your hiking in the Progress tab on the App.   All activity types are available to view there.  If you're not seeing "hike" try swiping left on the activity list you do see.  

Additionally, you might find the Training Log helpful.  Find out more here

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Hi Jane,

I do see it under Progress and have reviewed recent weekly totals. However, it does not show totals for the entire year like under Statistics tab. 

Thank you,


Mt. Kenya

Hello Strava,

I would like to add my vote to this list. I would personally love to see Run, Bike Walk as my three sports under "statistics". As a premium member for ten years, this is my main issue with the app. The rest is great, but I want to be able to see my yearly steps and distance walking without setting a goal. Please pass this on to your software folks as a suggestion for the next revision.



Mt. Kenya

I would also like to add my vote on this. When will it be possible to select my three favourite sports under statistics? Why is this taking so long? 

Mt. Kenya

Please add the possibility to select my three fav sports under My Stats. Why have default sports that many of us do not do those activities. Also the same for the display of last 4 Weeks under my Profile. I mean why show running shoes or water to swim in when I never do those activities? I have been a member for 11 years now and it's kind of silly that I am unable to tailor made display more than is now. 

Mt. Kenya

Hi Strava-team,

I would also like to see this weekly statistics on the main page to be configurable for the individual and favorite type of sports.

Personally, I am biking, running and training in Gym regularly but I never swim - so this is needless space and information.

The tab with the information of the relative effort is still helpful and important and should be kept, the other types should be selectable.

To be more UI and user-focused it would be highly recommended to make this adaptable.

Thanks in advance and best regards,


I'd like to see this implemented as well. I do not run, I do not swim. I'd like to see hiking as an option.

Status changed to: Existing
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You may already be aware - we rolled out some changes to profile page activity stats a while ago.

On the lower right of your own profile page, you can see your personal stats for the sport types you uploaded most frequently within the past 90 days, including averages for the last four weeks, totals for the year, and all-time totals.  It is no longer restricted to run, ride and swim.

See full details here

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team