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Status: Gathering Kudos

When exercising on the Skierg, I have not found an activity type on Strava to pair it with. I am therefore requesting a new activity on Strava for "Skierg". This is a well known machine type for cross country skiers to exercise double poling indoors.

Kind Regards

Mt. Kenya

Cant understand why this taking som long time. Skiing is an Olymic sport. So many other strange activities in strava. Get Skierg into strava, (often used also in crossfit)

Mt. Kenya

Just bought a used Concept2 SkiErg. I'm surprised that on both the Polar Flow App or on Strava there is not an activity option for "Virtual Nordic Skiing". Surprised given the growth and sales of these units, and their use in both Cross-Fit and HYROX, as well as extensively used by semi serious to serious Nordic Skiers, there's nothing in either app for usage of a SkiErg! 

Mt. Kenya

@stevefleck use ErgData app. It Connects Directly to your strava. Remember not to start Warcraft Also then you get double 

Mt. Kenya

Yes, it is possible to choose between many unusual and not so athletic sports, but sadly the Skierg option is not possible. I wonder why does it take so long for them to add it.

Mt. Kenya

Need this one also here.  Skierg and inside rower

Mt. Kenya

I was trying to figure out how to add a ski erg session on strava and only lead to the feature request. This would be most appreciated. I use the virtual row one quite a lot but am unable to track the ski erg the same way.

Mt. Kenya

This would be great if added, especially given the huge popularity of Hydrox fitness competitions and the fact that the SkiErg is one of the disciplines.

Mt. Kenya

Yes! We need this.. now 😊

Can you (moderator) give us an update? Thanks!