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Status: Gathering Kudos

I have been wanting this for a long time now, i wish there was a display of the elevation gained in the app in real time or at least a display of the altitude at any given moment.

It would be very appreciated when on a hike for instance as to have an idea of how much more elevation you need to gain to get to your goal or how much more climbing you have to do to complete the route you're trying to complete. At least a very simple reading of the elevation would be much appreciated.

Mt. Kenya

+1 for this feature, seems like this would add considerable value for fairly minimal effort as I’d imagine those numbers are readily available in real time and it’s just a matter of displaying them (obviously completely guessing and it may well be more complicated)?

Either way, I really miss not being able to see metres ascended during a ride and always wish I’d used my GPS device instead.

Mt. Kenya

This feature is most wanted! Without it I have to use other services and then sync to Strava. Please add elevation gain during workout.

Mt. Kenya

Morning, any update on this Strava?  Still really want this functionality.