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Status: Gathering Kudos

Both Nike Run Club and Slopes offer the ability to start a workout on your Apple Watch and for the data the be viewable live on your iPhone (and vice versa). This would be fantastic for those of us who want a larger screen to look at stats during a workout. To on even further, Live Activities would be a great addition. Here is how Slopes implements it with their live workout data from an Apple Watch.

You start an outdoor cycling workout on your Apple Watch but want to use your iPhone to navigate on your handlebars. Would be great to have the data live and viewable on both screens in order to see speed, distance, etc. 

As of now, I have to start 2 simultaneous workouts, one on my watch for capturing HR and one on my phone for live speed on my handlebars, and then delete one after. No bueno.

Mt. Kenya

Commenting to boost this. The original post nailed it more thoroughly and eloquently than I could hope to. This has been a frustration ever since I purchased a watch. Thought it would be an easy integration for viewing live and recorded heart rate data, but the inability to do so has me questioning whether to continue forward with Strava. The double recording/deleting is annoying and cumbersome. Strava is too expensive to ignore this basic integration. 

Mt. Kenya

+1 would really love this for running new routes

Mt. Kenya

Any news about his "feature"?

Mt. Kenya

The lack of this feature is what’s keeping me from subscribing to Strava. It’s not just the apps listed in the original post. OutdoorActive does this as well. It does seem like a given that the apps should work together like this. 

Mt. Kenya

I found out (by reading Apple Watch tips and tricks) that the standard 'work-out' app on the Watch uses the 'live' statistics on the (locked) iPhone screen. So being clever, I started my Strava session on the watch and after that also the Apple 'work-out' app, both running on the watch. But unfortunately (later on) the Strava App came up with the error that there can be only one App recording a workout, the Strava App was paused automatically. So I ended the 'work-out' app on the watch and continued with Strava. Looking at my recorded Strava route afterwards, I could not detect the 'paused' part of the track (I had been biking a few hundred meters with both apps started), everything seemed to be recorded/tracked fine(?)

However the best solution would (of course) be starting Strava on the Apple Watch and having the (Strava) live statistics on the iPhone screen. Somehow that should be kind of 'standard' functionality combined with the Watch.

Mt. Kenya

Agreed- this should be incredibly easy for the team to implement... 

Strava team where are we with this ??

Mt. Kenya

Please please sort this. 
it’s pretty vital 


I came from runkeeper so this seemed like a very logical thing, and I thought I was doing something wrong. But the fact that this is not already a feature, is kinda shocking to me....

Mt. Kenya

I can’t believe such a small, simple thing as this isn’t a feature on such a big service as Strava lol. Like all the other apps I’ve used has this feature. It’s lame and a big minus honestly.

Mt. Kenya

We need this now!

Mt. Kenya

+1 for pretty basic functionality that you get in most other free/cheaper apps.