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Status: Gathering Kudos

I did a community search and could not find an idea on this topic.


It would be nice to see Training > My Activities > Sport - Summarize distance, time, elevation by year and overall.  If that would be too much effort how about allowing and export of the data to Excel or CSV so we can import it into our own spreadsheet.

For the large number of walks I did it would be a challenge to add up all the times and distances by hand. There for it would be nice to see a summary by year.



Status changed to: Existing

Hi Bob,
​​Thanks for submitting your idea on implementing a specific section to showcase a year-to-date summary of stats per Sport Type.
I want to point out that this functionality currently exists on the website. The best way to see your stats for your most popular Sport Types, including stats for previous years, is by logging in to your account on the web, then navigating to "My Stats" under your profile on the right side. You will see your most carried out Sport Types displayed, including "Walk". There's a drop-down arrow next to the year. I hope this helps!
Furthermore,  you can also download all of your data and import it to an Excel spreadsheet if you wish. Check out this support article for more information.


Thank you for the response but apparently you did not understand my question or I did not explain it very well. I agree with your comment about a summary existing as you indicated, but unfortunately, it is a summary for a limited number of sports, four I believe.  I am looking for a summary/total for all each sport under sport types on the under My Activities page such as; SUP, alpine skiing, yoga, virtual cycling, x-country skiing, etc.

If I am missing something in your response please let me know.





I have included one example to make my suggestion more clear.Screen Shot 2023-01-04 at 9.02.12 AM.png

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for the additional information and for clarifying what you'd like to see. ​​Your idea to show summarized stats for All Sport Types (not limited to 4) in the My Activities page has been approved by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

I would agree to that seeing totals for all sports would be great. There are way more than 4 sports and I’m sure many Strava users do many more hours of other sports besides simply the 4 Strava currently prioritizes