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Status: Gathering Kudos

It would be really useful to enable the ability for your users to edit an activity they have completed.  Stats that could be added would include time, distance, elevation gain, heart rate, calories etc.

Sometimes we forget to start an activity but when we remember to add it we have to let it run for the whole duration so it records the time spent on that activity. For example today I did pilates, I forgot to start the activity, so I added it later but I only let it run for 6 seconds rather than the 45 mins thinking I could stop the activity, have it uploaded to my time line and simply edit the duration to 45 min. Sadly this does not seem possible. I'm sure other users would like to be able to amend their session so it can be adjusted to reflect time, distance and duration for other activities. So hopefully this makes sense and other users will find this feature equally useful. Thank you. 

Mt. Kenya

When a do a workout on a bike Thats can't connect to my Phone or garmin, the data ff course not appear in Strava. But I can real the data on the bike.

What I suggest is Thats it could be nice to manually add these data, for example avg. Watt, Distance and so on that I can see on the bike but not are recorded.

Mt. Kenya

I would love to be able to edit the distance. I swim laps with my son and often have to go back and check on him - so the distance is always wrong but i still like that it tracks all time swimming. 

Mt. Kenya

I BEG they do this, oI was completely in the moment on the weekend and didnt start my watch on time .. therefore I dont have a PB for my first ever half marathon... Im gutted 😞

Mt. Kenya

@alicebarnes99 Oh no!! So sorry you weren't able to record your race in Strava! That would kill me. I feel you so hard. That said, CONGRATS ON FINISHING YOUR FIRST EVER HALF MARATHON!!!!

Mt. Kenya

When using 3rd party apps that don’t have automatic upload of HR/Calories burned, but record these on my Apple Watch (Gymaholic in my case), it would be great to have a way to manually enter these fields! Would allow fitness trends to be much more accurately reflected and take Strava to another level for weight training. 

Mt. Kenya

Me gustaría que se reflejara el desnivel realizado en cinta de correr que se descarga de dispositivos fiables como coros. Creo que es importante para saber la carga de esfuerzo semanal y mensual.

TRANSLATION: I would like the gradient made on a treadmill that is downloaded from reliable devices such as choirs to be reflected. I think it is important to know the weekly and monthly effort load.

Mt. Kenya

Please see the proposal below.  




Mt. Kenya

Yes this would be incredible! I do a lot of cycling on a Nordic Track and have my Garmin for tracking body metrics. In the Garmin app I then add my distance and bike metrics. Would be awesome to be able to do the same in Strava and have these distances count toward group challenges. 

Mt. Kenya

Let's be honest, we are asking this for years now, and it took like 5 minutes of programming to let the option available to add a distance to an indoor activity recorded with a watch. We have absolutely zero reaction from the staff, so I suppose they don't care about what people want...

But hey, they made a new tool lab about kudos statistics huh, seriously, who care about kudos statistics ? Is that helpful for someone ?




Mt. Kenya

As a New Orleanian my elevation comes from a treadmill, specifically the Peloton Tread, but the elevation data doesn’t transfer so the only way to track it is to add an activity manually, which means you lose your heart rate data. Please correct this issue by allowing elevation data to be adjusted on activities. 

Mt. Kenya

Given the lack of commitment from Strava on this very basic functionality I have just cancelled my annual subscription as I’m not going to be pay for a product that doesn’t do what I need it to do.

I also use Peloton and having Strava strip essential stats makes it utterly useless.

Mt. Kenya

i supouse we are lost our time, because strava dont kink abaut out comment.

Mt. Kenya


I like to track my total distance covered over a week, be it an indoor or outdoor activity. Currently I can not get all my distance data in Strava as I can not manual add distance data to an existing activity.

Some indoor bikes / elliptical apparatus do not share all the metrics they have with smart devices, it would be good to be able to manual add distance to the these types of activities, that way you can combine the distance data with the data collect by the device. Thanks 


Dear Strava team

I did swimming in the indoor pool, my Garmin cannot capture swimming, hence I did the distance in the Gamin App manually, but after syncing, Strava does not show the distance (however, it does show the calories and heart rate synced from Garmin). Apparently, I can change manually the distance for running, cycling, bot nut for indoor swimming. After talking to the supprt desk I was advised to use a manual entry, which in the end of the day turns out that if I make such entry, I can describe time and distance but not the calories.

I.e. either you have a synced data without distance (doesn't make sense) or you have a manual entry with distance but without calories and heart rate.

In all other activities I can change at least the distance.

Would you please consider changing this one for swimming as well? I.e. Strava retrieves info about activity from Garmin, and user may manually change distance from 0 (now it is zero) to an actual distance.




I don't think this is possible yet, so I'd like to manually add or change my splits after my workout. This way you can change it to distances or time stamps from your intervals and have more accurate data. I think this would be an awesome addition!

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