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For example, you could filter by age, location, favorite activity, average distance in weeks/months/years and quickly find people who live in the same region or simply share the same interests.

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Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

What if it was something like this?


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Mt. Kenya

I am a frequent traveller, and like to bring my bike along.

For tennis, there are apps which allow, people who don't know each other, to find other people for a game of tennis, and with this app you can set your performance level, etc. to be sure that you can find other players of the same level.

I really miss this with Strava, as I would like to make rides at a location unfamiliar to me, and it would be great to find through Strava, local people of the same or similar performance level, who might be interested in making a ride together.

It would be great if this could be added as a new social function within Strava. Other sports (e.g. tennis) seem to have apps for this, showing that people who are using this (to find other players through an app) would not mind to do so, understanding of course that some people might not like the idea of meeting up with other people for the first time without knowing them. That could then be arranged via a setting of privacy, etc. within the app.


You could search for the local Strava clubs, lookup the activities of the members to gather info about their performance and post a request in the club for rides. Your idea would be easier to use of course. How do you propose to implement performance levels where everyone understands the same about the same level?

Mt. Kenya

classification of performance level could be worked out by Strava. One way could be to base such classification on average distance per week or month ridden, and average speed, average elevation gain per ride? Believe these could be good indicators of levels to compare?