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Status: Gathering Kudos

In a nice overview with the distance covered in the respective sports in weeks/months or years. This way you could see directly which of your friends were the most active in the various sports.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

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Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


I have been logging bike miles on Strava since 2011 and would be interested to see how many miles I have done with those I follow. It seems that Strava already has all of the features (since it already groups rides with others, has Followers, Heatmaps, etc) and data to make this happen, you would just need to expose it — and then celebrate it. 

I picture on my “Following” page having not only who I follow, but a sortable column of how many miles and/or a count of activities done with each person. Maybe have the list clickable to get a chronological list of all activities with that person.

Strava could also celebrate milestones by adding a note to an activity that “Tim and Joel have now ridden 10,000 miles together” (for example). 

It would also be great to be notified if I become a new Follower of someone whether we have already done miles together.


I don't think that's possible because whom you follow can change any time and Strava doesn't have a history of that. And there's also the thing that a group ride doesn't mean you rode the complete distance with someone. Maybe making the request simple like "How many group rides did I do with someone I'm following now" would be easier to implement.


@Jan_Mantau , thanks for the thoughts. I am a bit confused as to how this would be so different from the FlyBy feature. That feature doesn't even care if people on that are people I follow or not, and I can go back to any ride in my history and see a Correlation Score as well as a Spatial Correlation Score for any rider that was even close to me at any point in the ride. 

Maybe it would be more difficult than I imagine, but to me it seems like they already have all of (or most of) the functions that would be needed.


It can be that the data from the flyby works. I have my doubts, it's extremely imprecise as its showing mostly flybys that were never even on the same street as you. But who knows, maybe Strava only has to tweak some parameters and then it would work as you expect it.


Yeah, @Jane  thanks for changing the status, but the title doesn't quite fit with my idea. I would like to be able to track how many miles I have done WITH people I follow, not just how many miles they do for each sport.


How about something like "TRACKING MILES WE DO TOGETHER" or something like that.