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Status: Gathering Kudos

It should be nice to have the possibility to configure the default privacy settings for each activity type

In my case, I would like to set "Trail" as visible for all and "Gym" hide for the others people, since not interesting for them.

Pico de Orizaba

My Garmin tracks all of my walks automatically - at least two a day as I walk to and from work. I like having these activities on Strava but, for privacy reasons, I don't want them to be visible to the whole world. Ideally, I don't really want them to clutter up my followers' activity feeds either. Unfortunately, as things stand, the only way to accomplish this easily is to set *all* activities to private or followers only. Of course, this then prevents me from featuring in any leader boards for my runs (which I would be quite happy to have public) and this, in turn, gives the already pricy premium subscription even less value.

Yes, I could go into Strava and edit the privacy of every run as I complete it - but this will take time, constitutes a hassle, and is bound to be forgotten on occasion. Strava has an opportunity to make this process quick and easy and I can't see it costing very much on their part, either. Implementing it would encourage more people to pay attention to leader boards (as they would now be able to take part in them easily, without sacrificing so much of their privacy) and this in turn might encourage more people to consider paying for a premium subscription.

Why this feature hasn't been implemented already is beyond me.

Mt. Kenya

Adding my vote, I would also use this feature.

Mt. Kenya

I found this thread from a google search. I would also like to see this feature everyone is asking for, but there is one half way solution with You can set it up so it will “mute” activities you want not to be shown on followers feeds, and you can set it up by activity type. Difference between a muted activity and a private activity is that anyone can still see a muted activity if they open your profile, but they will not clutter up your followers feeds. 

Mt. Kenya

Would be so useful! Such a pain having gym workouts or walks automatically upload but don’t want to go private for me competitive runs 

Mt. Kenya

I think this would be an easy enhancement and very useful. I like to track my Recover workouts, but don't need to socialize 

Mt. Kenya

Seems like a very obvious improvement - we shouldn't have to choose between not tracking non-public activities and manually editing everything we do want to share! This is a social platform after all. Hope the dev team will consider

Mt. Kenya

I echo all of the previous comments, I want this feature for the same reasons. 

Mt. Kenya

We really need this feature. Especially for folks that track their indoor spinning. There is absolutely no reason to muck up the feed with this information.  We should not only be able to stop sharing by individual activities, but also share/not share based on tags.

Mt. Kenya

Yes, something like this needs to be implemented.

I normally run, sharing everything publicly. However just bought a Peloton, and don't want to share daily 15-30 minute quick activities (though for longer activities I might).

Managing this on an individual activity basis is simply a non-starter, and having better controls would absolutely solve this. Having some basic filters (ie, don't import any activity less than 10 minutes) could help as well.

Mt. Kenya

I agree, I would imagine this would take a small effort to implement if the system is built in a somewhat smart way. Just add another layer of keys per user pointing out if the activity type is of a certain type should be hidden or not in the main save method. If no key is present for the type and user just proceed as per default else hide the incoming activity.


-1 new table with many to one relation.

-1 new setting with marking for all activity types to default hide into the settings menu. 

-1 if statement in the save method.


In the systems I've developed/designed in over the last decade it would've taken a few days of development and a few days of testing to get it done. 


I agree

I want the same feature added please 

Pico de Orizaba

Ugh. Every time I get offered a Strava premium discount, I look into making all of my past runs public so that I can take advantage of the premium leaderboards properly. Then, a few minutes later, I remember that I can't do this without making all my past walks public too (something that I absolutely refuse to do) and scrap the Premium idea entirely. This has just happened again with the new year 25% discount so I thought I would come back here to see if there has been any further comment on this feature from Strava in the few months since I last looked into it. Nothing yet.

Garmin already has this feature so it can't be that hard to implement and, since the Strava help pages make a specific point of mentioning that it isn't possible at the moment, there must be plenty of people asking for it. So why is Strava dragging its heels over this? Is giving users more control over their privacy not compatible with the current Strava values or road map?

Mt. Kenya

This is a feature that needs to be implemented. At a minimum, users should have the ability to set uploaded activities from other devices to a different privacy setting than those recorded directly within the Strava app. 

The more fine-grained you can make the sharing & privacy settings, the better Strava will be as a data aggregator, which will increase stickiness of the app. I have a few different devices that all record workouts and movement, and I would like to consolidate all the data into one final app to view trends and do data analysis. Strava could be that app, but it needs this feature enabled. 

Mt. Kenya

This would be a superb feature. Example:

want to share all running and biking etc. 

but not necessarily gym sessions or weights. As for some that would be too many for friends. But great to have for yourself for stats!  Thanks. 

Mt. Kenya

+1 for this - great idea and incredibly annoying that it's not already a thing. No one cares about seeing a weight training session but might be interested in my 100 mile outdoor ride (if I ever did one)!