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Status: Gathering Kudos

It should be nice to have the possibility to configure the default privacy settings for each activity type

In my case, I would like to set "Trail" as visible for all and "Gym" hide for the others people, since not interesting for them.

Mt. Kenya

Yes please I agree would love to be able to set privacy rules for different activities. 

Mt. Kenya

With gear we can set defaults for which gear is assigned to a sport type. It would be great if we could do similar with 'visibility'.

For example, I would default my rides / runs to 'everyone' but a weight training session I would default to 'only you'. Currently, you can only select a global default (i.e. everyone) so those sessions I do not want everyone to see I have to manually change.

Mt. Kenya

+1 this would be really useful 


Concordo. Eu considero importante gerenciarmos nossas postagens de forma diferenciada, reservando os índices de treinamento ou atividades menos expressivas, por exemplo, para conhecimento individual ou pessoas específicas, como treinadores e atletas parceiros. 

Mt. Kenya

Agreed. Great feature to have. I don’t like spamming my feed with a walk around the block!

Mt. Kenya

Yes, please do this!!

Mt. Kenya

This would be perfect if i pull a sickie from work so i can still train in my shed without getting busted

Mt. Kenya

Definitely would like to alter settings by activity AND by duration.

I recently got a new watch that auto-records activity. Later discovered my strava feed was spamming with every activity over 5mins. Every 7.5min walk to get a loaf of bread. or 20min "walk" up and down supermarket aisles or 7 min ride to the supermarket!

Would be great to have a setting for "hide any activity less that XXmins". 

Mt. Kenya

I would love this. 

Mt. Kenya

+1 should be nice to have it

Mt. Kenya

Agreed. Great feature to have. Please make the change!! The community begs you!!!!

Mt. Kenya

Agreed, kinda sad this isn't already a feature.  should take 20 min to implement

Mt. Kenya

If/when they add this feature, I’ll pay for pro subscription.

Mt. Kenya

Unbelivable that this is not already a feature.

Mt. Kenya

I daily commute by bike to work and back. Recording my commute on Strava is important to me but I don't want to fill up my friends Strava feeds with my two daily commutes. Nor do I want to have to go into Strava twice a day to hide these commutes. I would love a feature that automatically hides a ride/run/walk/whatever if it starts at location "x" and finishes at location "y". Thanks for your consideration.