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Status: Gathering Kudos

Please send this feedback to the Strava App UX designers/developers/managers/Product Owner/Product Manager/Scrum Master (given your company uses some form of Agile Product Development)

Actually, please send this feedback to the primary stake holders for Strava.

Strava App is missing a very important screen that I cannot believe (given the age of the product) is missing.

real-time workout screenreal-time workout screen

Please add a screen, called "Real-TIme Charting" or  "Active Workout" or "Real-Time Workout" that is designed to show active/dynamic/growing stats in real-time.

One app on Google Play does exactly this, very well, and I'm sort of shocked it’s the only app I can find that does it well. It is...  "myWorkouts Sport GPS Tracker" by wellcrafted

Key features.
1) Real-TIme heart rate line chart, grows over time (x axis[time] expanding during workout, and yaxis[BMP] expanding real-time), line is color coded based on HR zone.
2) Workout Timer (I use to help with my own HIIT timings)
3) Dynamic real-time stat showing current zone and total time in this zone.
4) Real-Time (x axis[BPM] expanding during workout, y axis[time within bin] expanding) Histogram (zones are broken into 8 sub-zones or in histogram terms bins/classes.) It is very nice to see the a) bars growing upwards as time in a zone fills, b) the growing proportion of your workout zones.

It's a very simple screen. A single good developer could write 90% of the code in 24 hours granted Strava already has the charting API. Yes, I am a software product owner, product manager, and scrum master and developer all-in-one, with 20 plus years writing data visualization software used by many thousands.

Side note, the Strava workout summary heart-rate doughnut chart is sort of pathetic. It doesn’t use standard heart zone Colors (zones should be customizable) and the chart needs to be a HISTOGRAM.  Being different just to be different (so-called-cute) is hurting Strava. 

I use the myWorkouts app while riding outdoors (phone attached to handle bars) and in the gym on the elliptical, bike, treadmill (gym equipment usually has an area for your phone to rest and be viewable.) I also use this screen during weight training to keep an eye on heart rate so I do not rest too long.  But it is a pain to use multiple apps when one shouldn't have to. This screen is mostly to help with heart rate training and or hiit. I realize Strava is more about running and cycling outdoors, but this screen would be so easy to add, I’m not sure why Strava would not add it, and have it added in a few weeks time.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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​​Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

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Jane (she/her)
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This feature is needed to maintain your heart rate during an activity. Very popular now to maintain zone two for the duration of a ride.