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Status: Gathering Kudos

Run/walk is not only an entry level way into running (couch to 5k anyone?) but it's a way many of us choose to run most of the time. This sport is not entirely about crowns and speed, some people run for the sheer enjoyment of it and want to record each activity in its true form. I think a huge volume of Strava athletes would welcome a run/walk option in the app. At the moment we either have to choose run or walk, neither of which are 100% accurate.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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Run/walk is a run as long as you wear running clothes 🙂. Ask any ultrarunner about that. 

Pico de Orizaba

I agree with Silent Voyager. When I started trail running, I finally figured out that running is fun - because I learned that people walk a lot when they run. I have a pretty low threshold for how much I need to run in order for me to categorize it as a run on Garmin/Strava. It's about 10% probably. You don't need to run nonstop to call it a run. And you don't need to call an activity run/walk when you go for a run but walk some (or most) of it. Just have fun!


Here's a fun story. I am, in fact, an ultrarunner and I asked myself, would I want this option? Yes yes! I replied. Then I went out and had as much fun as I always do, run walking my way through the afternoon, knowing I am a runner whatever my pace and not being paranoid about it, logging it as a straight run and wishing there was an option to differentiate on Strava. It's funny how it works, there's an option for yoga on there but because I don't do yoga I don't have to use that option. 

Happy running good people in my phone. 


I like this suggestion. I wish there was an option for a "hybrid run" to go along with run and walk. There are some people who run a certain distance and then slow to a walk (or complete stop) to do another exercise and then continue back into the run (Spartan, Deka, Crossfit, Bootcamps, etc). It would be nice to properly capture that workout and not mix it with a standard run or walk. 


That's a good idea too, maybe even more suitable than run/walk considering the standard for most ultra runners is just to log everything as a run, it could be 'hybrid run' is a more appropriate term? It would then cover more alternatives and people could use it as they see fit.

Mt. Kenya

 "I am a speed/racewalker for 50 years which is on the same level as speed running.

Strava only calls it commuting and limit the analysis of our training, please make it the same analysis as running!! Regards 

Mt. Kenya

Totally agree

Mt. Kenya

I also agree! As someone who's trying to become a runner, I often alternate between running and fast walking. I'd really appreciate to have the option to choose walk/run.