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Status: Gathering Kudos

Hi Strava Product Team,

Feature Request: Add support for multiple shoes at one (running) activity

Reasoning: Usually at some type of training I use different shoes to warmup/cool down, and a different shoes pair to the main focus of that training.
It would be great to have a feature to choose multiple shoes pairs for a single activity. Allowing to choose the activity time when we swap them to give the correct KMs for each pair.
For example: Pair 1 from 00:00 to 15:00 (4 KM), Pair 2 from 15:01 to 40:00 (8 KM), Pair 1 from 40:01 to 50:00 (2,5 KM).
It will add 6,5KM to the Kilometrage of Pair 1 and 8 KM to the Kilometrage of Pair 2.

Thank you!

Mt. Kenya

Please add this. I pay a subscription to support development of the app. Would absolutely love this feature

Mt. Kenya

This is essential to my big training days and races. At 160km with different shoes it makes a massive difference to milage on shoes without having to keep an out of app spread sheet. 

Mt. Kenya

What's the status on this one? 😊

Would be great at my track sessions. Instead of bother other peoples timeline with 3 activities (warm up, work out-session and cool down) I could easily just have 1 activity and the possibility to register 2 pair of shoes. 1 pair for the warm up and cool down, and a faster pair of shoes for the work out. 

Would be a great addition! 

Mt. Kenya

Yes!! I really support this request!! For the ones we use different trainers in same activity would helpful to count exactly the life cycle of them 

Hope it develops sometime!!

Mt. Kenya

During ultra-marathons, it is very common to change shoes at some point during the activity. Currently, Strava only allows you to select one pair of shoes. So, if you run, let's say, 100K and change shoes at KM60, you're forced to choose either the pair you started the race with or the ones you finished it in. This situation results in inaccurate reporting of shoe mileage.

Mt. Kenya

It’s been an issue for a while and I’m sure it’s not a big code change. Do better Strava. For the money we collectively pay we should see more results that support athlets 

Pico de Orizaba

I'm going to join in on the echo chamber on this one. For any run over 50k, I will definitely be changing shoes. And on some wet or hot and sweaty days, I may even change shoes during a 50k. 

But when we are talking about ultra distances, that can make a *huge* difference for a single pair of shoes. For example, if we are planning to only keep a pair of shoes for 250 miles, and we run a 100 miler with two pairs of shoes split evenly, one of those pairs of shoes will be missing tracking for 1/5 of the life we want to track!

Ultimately, I usually just get rid of shoes when I know they are just too tired to keep going, based on feel. But the whole point of Strava is to have data to back up all of our fitness choices - shoe selection is a major choice when it comes to training health.

Mt. Kenya

Bumping this topic as I would love the option! I'm often changing shoes between warm up/cool down and workout sets to save the lower resilience foam in super shoes, but would prefer not to have to have three activities on my day despite this. Being able to assign one pair of shoes to the warm up and cool down laps and all other laps to a second pair of shoes would be huge.

Mt. Kenya

I have a backyard ultra in a couple of weeks - been wondering how to go about recording it as an activity. The more complex option would be to record a separate activity each lap of 6.7km and amend shoes accordingly. It would be a lot easier to just record the one activity and then drop the shoes in at the end knowing which laps you wore what. At this stage, I’m going to just record a separate activity every 6.7km I think 

Mt. Kenya

Hi. It would be great to have this feature implemented. Many of us have training activities on the track run and use one type of shoes to warm up and cool down and another for the fast series.

That way we could count distances separately.

Mt. Kenya

This would also be useful to add miles when lending a friend a bike. They may ride with me, in which case being able to add two of my bikes to the same activity would be good. Or they may ride by themselves in which case just being able to add on some distance on the gear page would help.


Edit multiple shoes into one activity e.g. 100 miler change shoes - 80 miles added to first pair, 20 to second pair.

also good to have ability to enter base start mileage if shoes used already and not recorded on Strava at start.

also I feel the shoes should be sorted better by Manufacturers names.


During ultra racing, I usually start the activity with one pair of shoes, more dynamic, then after 60 to 100 km, I am switching to a more confortable pair of shoes. But in my activity, I can only select 1 from my material list. 

Could be great to associate an activity to 2 or more pairs of shoes, and even better to exactly set the number of km made with each of them. 

Thanks to that, our shoes are incrementing the right number of kms even if we are using multiple ones per race.