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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

As a user who takes part in events and trains swimming, I would like the ability to change the activity type to workout/race.  So that I can better describe what type of activity it was.

Currently, you can only mark a swim activity with the commute activity type (who is commuting via swimming?!). It would be great if you could describe your activity as doing drills (and hence speed will be significantly slower), or race so I can accurately find it in my timeline/Calander.

Mt. Kenya

Does seem silly that a rowing workout can only be tagged as a commute 

Mt. Kenya

Strava should make more activities able to do a racez i compete in cross countty skiing and it would be fun to get to mark my races as a race to find them fast and so on. 

Mt. Kenya

Indeed, commute as an option and race not being an option seems like a leftover of a backend mess that was not properly addressed and was just abandoned in the code.

Mt. Kenya

It would be really helpful to add the category 'race' for Backcountry Skiing activities. Ski mountaineering (or skimo) Will be a Olympic discipline and we do races in this sport. 

At the Moment the only category available for 'type of Activity' Is 'commute'. 

Mt. Kenya

very much agree! please add this as an option — seems like a relatively easy thing to do for any activity?!

Mt. Kenya

It would be really great, if the choices of race and workout would be added soon for swimming. Just can agree to all earlier posts, it is especially annoying when logging triathlons or swim-runs or just even a swim race. and technically it really can't be that difficult to do.


Mt. Kenya

i can't hit the 👍, but +1

Mt. Kenya

Agreed.  We need a Skimo sport option.  As the person who started this thread says Skimo is now an olympic sport.  At the very least there should be a “Race” category.  Thank you!

Mt. Kenya

Thanks for the suggesting! I reached out to strava wondering if it was a bug that race/ workout is not a global flag since "commute" is. It seems it not a bug so it should definitely be something they should make as a global flag for all sport types for all the reasons mentioned above!

Mt. Kenya

Aliás, não adianta muito fazer sugestões, visto que desde o mês de maio foi respondido e nada foi modificado. Não me interessa mais registrar meu desempenho pelo Strava. Ele não considera o cliente 

Mt. Kenya

Also for virtual rides this would make more sense

Mt. Kenya

Yes, return the tag "race" for virtual rides. Can't see any sense for removing it!? 

Mt. Kenya

Agreed, commute is a very silly option for virtual rides! I agree with @podwyer on the proposed few different options for virtual rides.

Also, as a software dev myself, it seems this is more of a bug and not a feature request since the ability to pick ride type already exists but does not pass basic user experience sniff test. It has not been addressed in over a year Strava, show us you are not turning into a cash cow app… 😒

Mt. Kenya

And it is still not fixed…

Mt. Kenya

When saving a Zwift treadmill workout, I only have Commute as the type of run. Why not extend the options to the same as an outdoors run? I’m sure a number of users will do a work out or a long run on the treadmill, they may even race other zwifters. Commute is the one option that shouldn’t be there!