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Status: Gathering Kudos

Last 90 days local legend is great for the Johnny come lately New Kid in Town, but for someone like me who has ridden a segment hundreds of times over the years, I’d like to see an “all time local legend”.  Let Johnny know he’s got some work to do to actually earn that crown. 3 rides in the last 90 days does not a legend make. 


I find the whole idea of Local Legends to be pretty dumb under the existing rules. I'm currently the local legend on 43 different segments, and out of those, 8 are for just 1 or 2 efforts over 90 days. That's hardly legendary. There are a few very popular segments close to my home that I've ridden between 1500 and 2000 times since 2016. It would make a lot more sense to look at that kind of history. KOMs don't expire after 90 days. Local Legends would make a lot more sense if they were based on all-time efforts.

There should also be some kind of threshold before a segment is eligible for legend status. First, some reasonable number of people need to have ridden the segment within the time period before anyone is declared a legend. Second, a rider must have competed the segment some reasonable number of times before legend status is awarded.  

Mount Logan

I'm with you @ChrisBerry , these one timers aren't in any way legendary, there should be a threshold. For the idea of an all time local legend that would make it difficult for young people, Strava newcomers and Johnny to ever get this crown. I believe this legend was invented specifically so that everybody regardless of fitness gets a chance to come to the top and therefore only 90 days were selected. It's a bit short if you ask me and I would vote for a year but not an all timer.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting your idea to implement an All Time Local Legend. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

"All Time" won't work the same as a motivational tool, most people don't have the determination to go for a goal that may take 5 years to achieve, the 90-day cycle keeps it always achievable and is supposed to keep you motivated to keep your "local legend" status, if you're 1000 attempts ahead of 2nd place in an "All Time" it doesn't motivate you and it doesn't motivate others.



I'm Looking forward Strava to change the display of Local legends similar as segment leader boards. 


Add filter on top:     Last 90 Days         All time

         Rank                    User                       No. of efforts

Pico de Orizaba

What don’t you like about the current local legends setup?


I think @cyresh is asking for Strava to display a ranking of users based on how many attempts they all have made on a given segment. A Local Legends Leaderboard, so to speak.

Right now, the Local Legends display only shows the record holder, along how many more attempts will get you the crown.


@zecanard You said it, I'm Looking for "A Local Legends Leaderboard" and ranking shall be based on how many attempts they all have made on a given segment.

Add a filter on top with two options at least "Last 90 Days" and "All time"


@LandonE At present stage I feel it's an incomplete and less statistic, I'm looking for user should easily get how busy is the given segment.  Also, the current graph just occupies the screen space without saying much.

Mt. Kenya

I think it would be great to see an All Time Local Legend implemented in addition to the current 90-day legend, not instead of.

Mount Logan

+1 Love all-time legends and a legends leaderboard (for athletes who opt-in due to privacy)

Would be great to see the max number of reps done on a popular segment in addition to the 90 day legend. 

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Another vote for the "All Time" legend in addition to the 90-day Not-really-a-legend.


We can display 90 days as default local legend but will add an option for All times and one year. 




we can add badges like bronze legend for one month, silver legend for 90 days, gold legend for one year and platinum legend for all time.

Mt. Kenya

+1 for all-time legends. Have both rolling 90 day as well as all-time. Decent idea for multiple badges. Platinum gold silver bronze.  

Mt. Kenya

Will this "all-time" local legend status option be available any time soon?  Or is it something that will take years to implement?  That option is a no brainer for hardcore strava users who really want to push themselves 

Mt. Kenya

yes. same