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Status: Gathering Kudos

Last 90 days local legend is great for the Johnny come lately New Kid in Town, but for someone like me who has ridden a segment hundreds of times over the years, I’d like to see an “all time local legend”.  Let Johnny know he’s got some work to do to actually earn that crown. 3 rides in the last 90 days does not a legend make. 

Mt. Kenya

All I've been told is...

"Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. At this time, we do not currently have this feature on Strava. We are collecting all feedback in the Help & Ideas section of our Community Hub."


+1 on all-time. Or last 12 months. 90 days is too short. Sad that this has been outstanding for so long and there is no update.

Mt. Kenya

I supported a similar idea in now archived:
Segment Mayors: changing Local Legends


I really like this idea. You can just add a filter to see who is the local legend in the last 90 days, year, and all time.

It would be similar as seeing who is the KOM of all time, of the week, of the month, of the year etc.

It should be an easy feature to implement.


we will never get this.
Strava admins don't even understand why people are asking for this. It is like they never ran before (sorry, just venting here).
This is an easy thing to implement and THOUSANDS of runners would benefit from this.
Local legends 90 days is not important to any serious runner.


Cool idea!

Mt. Kenya

Yes Strava needs to add this. As a premium member I’d be disappointed if they don’t add it in the very near future. Strava is all about statistics and challenges etc so needs to step up and add this feature to show who really is the Local Legend.

Mt. Kenya

Of cause Strava should include the all-time local legend stats. Recent 90 days does not make a legend. But I do agree that the current workings, is what have the highest impact on motivation, and should be primary.

If this idea have been rejected it should be reopened. How do we know?


Mt. Kenya

Hi everyone

My suggestion and twist to the existing idea, is that there is not a single, exclusive "lifetime local legend".

Instead, I'd suggest to mix it with what is known from the music industry: If you have completed a certain segment, say 100 times, you achieve bronze status, after 300 times, you reached silver status, with 500 repeats you get gold status, with 1000 repetitions you earn platin status, after 1500 times you're awarded diamond status, after 2000 times its double diamond, etc.

(those milestone numbers are just examples)

So, on a certain segment there can be multiple "lifetime local legends" and every athlete having achieved at least bronze status is displayed including his current "lifetime level" (bronze, silver, gold, etc.)

Rather than competing (solely) with others, its more about challenging yourself in the long run.

This way, the "lifetime local legend" also reflects lifelong learning/exercising and picks up the current longevity topic as well.

Mt. Kenya

I propose the Local Legend take on a similar design to the KOM. You could have three classifications 90 day, One year and All-time. The idea is to show who is working out the most on a given segment. I know a lot of riders and runners who like to keep track of their friends and how often they are getting out there and doing something. And isn't that what it's all about... Just Do It!

Mt. Kenya

I think there some good ideas being suggested, but I feel there should only be one local legend for the most overall segments completed.

However, if a member say has 1000 overall attempts and the next member only has 200, the motivation will be hard to try and beat that person, therefore for the most attempts in the last 90 days, Strava could invent a new name for this and issue an all new award/trophy.

Mt. Kenya

I like the local legend status because I'm old and slow and will never get a KOM.  It would be nice to see how many time everyone has completed a segment.  Maybe instead of an all-time local legend, they could "own" the segment.

Mt. Kenya

Segmenteer of the Year?

Pico de Orizaba


Maybe the point is the word 'legend'. When you think about this word, the meaning that comes is, probably, all-time or, at least, a bigger amount of time than ninety days. How about "On Fire" or something like that for ninety days?