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Status: Gathering Kudos

I used to use Run Keeper which allowed me to set audio cues based on distance AND time.  I tend to run based on time rather than distance, so I like to get a call out every 5min and at every Mile.

I could adjust to getting cues every half mile instead, but the real deal breaker is that it doesn't seem like I can get ANY audio cues on my Wear OS device (Pixel Watch GPS+LTE).  It only has cues for start/stop/pause...which is pretty much totally useless...

Mt. Kenya

This! The audio cues every half mile have been super important for me, and now that I have a pixel watch (that I bought solely for running), it's sad that there are no more audio cues. I have to either run with my phone or get a different app, neither of which is great.

Mt. Kenya

I agree, this feature is vital. With the launch of the Google Pixel watch, more of us are using the Strava app for Wear OS and right now this is the feature that's preventing me from leaving my phone at home and instead go with my watch only. A few other apps support the audio queues functionality but I really would like to stay with Strava if there's even a small chance that this feature will get added soon.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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I'd like cues every km. Using the watches vibrate function rather than necessarily audio would work better for me.

Mt. Kenya

Yes! Please. In addition to adding the Time option, I would like to be able to mix-and-match what call-outs I want to hear. Some days, I only want distance; I don't want to hear my pace. Other days, I'd rather run just by time. It would be awesome to have a number of different audio cues that we can choose from, using checkboxes. Besides the cues that are currently available to us -- current distance, current split pace/previous mile -- it would be nice to add options such as: `overall average pace`.


Please add this. Going on a run with Wear OS was a noticable downgrade from running with phone in pocket due to lack of audio queues.

Mt. Kenya

I would love it if the Audio cues were more flexible/ideally bespoke. I don't like to use a watch so I rely on the Audio half mile/km and time summaries. When I am doing shorter runs however I would really like those cues to come more frequently. For longer runs it would be good to be able to set cues that happen at set times/distances too eg. '10km time in 40mins', or '60 mins completed, average pace 8min/mile'. 

Pico de Orizaba

For my hike activities on route I would like to have audio cue for this how much distance left to the final destination. It can be on time (e.g. each 10 min) or on each kilometer, and can be used also for segment.

This also can be useful for other foot activities like walking or running and why not also for biking.


I agree with this. Both audio and vibrate cues every km are a miss. 

Mt. Kenya

The lack/loss of all audio cues on wear os is a huge disappointment from Strava, expected better from such a popular phone app. Cannot recommend this app until it's addressed.

Mt. Kenya

Joined solely to say that the lack of audio cues is surprising and very annoying.

Mt. Kenya

Is this the place to comment for the lack of audio cues/vibration with regard to distance/time points for Apple Watch too?  
why on earth isn’t it on there it feels like such a basic but necessary and useful feature. I hate having to tip my watch up to check, it breaks my stride, my state of mind when I’m really ‘in the flow’ and then my well-being as I get aggravated by the whole thing! I’m sincerely reconsidering my subscription because I need this feature. Pleeeeease sort it out!

Mt. Kenya

I ended up selling my pixel watch and getting a Garmin that doesn't have a native Strava app, but syncs to Strava, because then I can have my audio cues back

Mt. Kenya

Just been for a run outside with only my pixel watch and thought I'd try Strava rather then Fitbit. I usually just run in the treadmill.

I turned on what I thought was audio queues but it only does stop, start and pause.

Who on earth thought that was a good idea, should be sacked, I think we all know when we have clicked start, stop or paused.

It doesn't look like Fitbit can do any better, however it does look like Google Fit can be configured to do a lot more and has pace alerts, will try it next time, and I can probably configure it to sync to Strava

Mt. Kenya

I submitted this idea directly to the Strava developer and was redirected here simply to click "kudos". The fans have spoken, and are getting frustrated - Please implement this simple change that already exists on the phone app and by all logic should have already been implemented in the watch app.