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Status: Gathering Kudos

I used to use Run Keeper which allowed me to set audio cues based on distance AND time.  I tend to run based on time rather than distance, so I like to get a call out every 5min and at every Mile.

I could adjust to getting cues every half mile instead, but the real deal breaker is that it doesn't seem like I can get ANY audio cues on my Wear OS device (Pixel Watch GPS+LTE).  It only has cues for start/stop/pause...which is pretty much totally useless...

Mt. Kenya

This! The audio cues every half mile have been super important for me, and now that I have a pixel watch (that I bought solely for running), it's sad that there are no more audio cues. I have to either run with my phone or get a different app, neither of which is great.

Mt. Kenya

I agree, this feature is vital. With the launch of the Google Pixel watch, more of us are using the Strava app for Wear OS and right now this is the feature that's preventing me from leaving my phone at home and instead go with my watch only. A few other apps support the audio queues functionality but I really would like to stay with Strava if there's even a small chance that this feature will get added soon.

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I'd like cues every km. Using the watches vibrate function rather than necessarily audio would work better for me.