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Status: Gathering Kudos

Please can the audio pace cues that come with the phone version of the app be replicated on the smart watch version, specifically for Samsung smart watches (I use the classic 4 atm).


I loved these when running with my phone, but prefer to try and leave my phone at home when running as it's a little bulky and would rather just run with my watch.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya


My samsung galaxy 4 watch unfortunately dosent have the audio prompts option for every km that is run. It only has the start and stop feature.

Looking to stick with the samsung galaxy watches so does anyone know if the newer models have the above feature?

Thanks Alan

Mt. Kenya

This is the reason that me, and several of my friends, do not want to use Strava as our main running app.  The social aspects, and wider activity of Strava puts it a long way ahead of other apps (e.g. Nike Run Club), however this is a major missing feature for me.  So many runners will use their watch for tracking their runs, and split cue callouts should be a standard feature of this.  Please implement this feature! Thanks. 

Mt. Kenya

Audio Cues and the ability to customize my Samsung Watch Strava Face would make this app perfect! 

Mt. Kenya

Completely agree, critical feature for me having km/m cues from my watch. I have to chose between tracking on my phone and receiving distance cues or tracking on my watch and having heart monitor stats, it's very frustrating as a paying subscriber!! Unless I'm missing something? Galaxy watch 5 pro and S24 Ultra

Mt. Kenya

Any news regarding this feature being added to the android smartphone watch version? 

Mt. Kenya


Been trying to get audible cue's to work on my android smartwatch for a while as well.  This post made me realize it doesn't exist.

Any update for adding it?