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Status: Gathering Kudos

Would be nice to add categorized climbs to the app and have a way to track which ones you have already done.

The user profile should list all successful climbs, include stats about the climb and the respective run / hike / ride.

Ideally users should be able to compare their individual attempts of the climb, similar to the matched rides features.

There should be a climb search that includes location, total ascent height, average and maximum inclination, etc.

Each climb should feature leaderboards similar to segments.

When using navigation the mode could change during a climb, showing more details about whats ahead - for example inclination profile, distance / height remaining to the top, data from other athletes attempts. Think live segments for climbs.

Why is that useful?

* athletes can easily search for challenges from within the app without consulting 3rd party websites

* motivates athletes to explore new areas in their surroundings

* collecting achievements is probably one of the biggest motivators for strava users

* comparing different individual attempts of the climb give the athletes a great resource to track training progression 

* competition is fun, who can do the most climbs, who is the fastest


Pico de Orizaba

It would be cool to add the categorized climb number to the app on the segments, but you’re basically describing they add a whole new segment type just for “categorized climbs”? This is basically the point of segments so i dont really see the point


I agree with LandonE, that's mostly redundant to segments. Of course some pro climb features during navigation with the Strava app like they exist in the Wahoo/Garmin/Karoo head units would be great but seeing that Strava struggles to add even the most basic features like current and average speed or proper sensor support in the live recording such an addition seems way to much ahead for their app developers.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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