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Status: Gathering Kudos

I participate in many social bike rides each week. While Strava offers some helpful features, most groups resort to using a scattered mix of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Meetup, public Google calendars, and even text reminders to manage rides.

Strava could implement a comprehensive group event management solution that streamlines this process. This would ideally include:

  • Groups can post their schedules (existing feature).
  • Ride leaders can plot the actual route (requires permission management for editing group events).
  • A beacon feature allows latecomers to locate the group in real-time.
  • Users can subscribe to recurring rides under a club, with automatic syncing to their phone calendars.
  • Push notifications for subscribed rides, keeping everyone informed about route changes, ride leaders, store stops, and more.
  • Push notifications and/or text message reminders for upcoming subscribed events.
  • Automatic recording triggered at the start location for all subscribed participants.
  • Automatic cross-posting of events to Facebook Events, Instagram Activities, etc.
  • Push notifications to users that a group activity they are subscribed to is near their current location (configurable distance).

Strava's Potential:

Strava is already a fantastic platform for activity recording and has a social media framework. However, for a truly social experience, discipline-specific features might be necessary and each activity has unique needs. This approach, with a mix of core functionalities and potential premium features, would allow Strava to cater to a wider range of users while offering valuable tools for group leaders.


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