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Status: Gathering Kudos

Disc golf is one of the faster growing sports/activities in the world (especially N. America, Europe, & Australia).  It combines hiking and the aerobic activity of throwing, working core, legs, and arms.  I currently log my disc golf as hiking, but I occasionally hike as well and would very much like to differentiate a pure hike from my disc golf.Lake Nachadoches 7 tee.jpgBeaver Ranch 21 tee.jpgIMG_0854.jpg

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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Mt. Kenya

I play disc golf multiple times a week. I would love to be able to log my rounds as disc golf activity instead of hike.

Mt. Kenya

As an avid cyclist I also play a lot of disc golf 

Please add disc golf as a sport!

Pico de Orizaba

I came here to suggest this. Please add disc golf. It's a lot more of a "traveling" type sport than others like tennis, which have already been added. More like skiing.


I play disc golf all the time and like to record on strava. I have to pick Hike or Walk, neither of which is really what disc golf is. I think adding it as an activity type would be great and I would certainly use it! Please!

Mt. Kenya

I also would like to see disc golf as an activity on Strava. 

Mt. Kenya


Mt. Kenya

Yes please!!!

Mt. Kenya

Would there be a way for you guys to collaborate with UDisc/Garmin on this? I'd understand if you want to be separate, but Garmin has disc golf on its watches through a UDisc collaboration.

Mt. Kenya

I also play multiple rounds of disc golf every week. I am thinking about recording it as golf but I also play 1 round of ball golf a week, so not sure how to record it. A collaboration with Udisc would be a win.

Mt. Kenya

Agree with others, an integration with UDisc would be ideal, as we're already tracking rounds with that app.

Mt. Kenya

Adding my vote here. An option to record a round of disc golf would be clutch.

Mt. Kenya

Yes!  I’m new to the sport, but would like to see this option.  We have a few expansive course out west on par with a regular golf course and would like to see the option!

Mt. Kenya

I'd love to see disc golf added. I walk, hike,"ball golf", road bike, mountain bike, ski, snowboard, etc. Disc Golfing is definitely a work out, a solid walk, and it's fun to see the course lay-out, elevation gain, and route traveled. I currently just log it as a walk.

Mt. Kenya

I love this idea. I do the same thing, I record disc golf as hike but then I also hike so I would be nice to have a difference.