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Status: Gathering Kudos

Your virtural rides add to goals and totals but an ebike ride doesn't. Able to setup a goal with them added or not. I only noticed this at the end of 2022 after getting an ebike. Not sure if a subscription is worth it if I can't track my activities because STRAVA sets the rules on what is and isn't a ride.


Come on Strava! Been waiting since Feb 23 and no comments or response??

Mt. Kenya

Just adding my voice to this; eBike and eMtb rides should count towards "All Rides". Its literally in the name.

Mt. Kenya

I agree it should count towards "All rides".


Why I don't get is how come there are ONLY 35 votes now for this ¿?

Come on!!, please VOTE for Strava to work as expected. And...beware not to push the vote button again if you already did or the counter will be decreased.

Mt. Kenya

E-bike rides should count towards "All Rides".  I vote yes.

Mt. Kenya

All bike rides should include E bike. They should be kept as a separate category so you can filter them / distinct for kom’s etc… we do drive the e-bikes they do not drive themselves 

Mt. Kenya

+1 for this request!!! I ride a normal gravel bike, an indoor trainer and an e-MTB and I find it very frustrating that I can’t see a summary of all of my rides together regardless of bike type.  This filter shouldn’t be that hard to implement and I agree with the others that the All Sports filter isn’t a suitable solution for this as I don’t want to include my walks and runs.