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Pico de Orizaba

Equestrian activities have, for years, seemed like an obvious gap on the platform

Mt. Kenya

Including Horse riding would be very useful, as mentioned above this data feeds into Strava Metro heat maps, this is then used by Local Authorities to help target limited funding / apply for grants based on use / demand / "missing links".  It can be potentially used as evidence, that spend in a certain area, then generated an increase in use, which can then help improve the opportunities for getting additional funding in the future.

It would be useful if this could be split between horse riding  and carriage driving as these access different sorts of public rights of way in England and Wales.

Mt. Kenya

Yes, I add my voice (again) to the increasingly urgent need for an equestrian activity choice.

Why is it urgent?

In England and Wales many local government and other planners and policy makers rely on the global heatmap for evidence of use. In rural areas, equestrians (horse riders and carriage drivers) either use another app to record their activity (not all apps feed in to the ghm) or they record as a runner, walker, cyclist or other (adding to or ‘polluting’ those groups’ data).

So there is no evidence of equestrian activity - so equestrians are written out of counties’ active travel plans, so horse riders and carriage drivers can’t use safe off-road routes and have to mix with motorised traffic on the roads.

Add to this the UK statistics that 70% cyclists here are male and they cycle four times the mileage of female cyclists, and 80%+ of equestrians are female, and there is a serious discrepancy between the transport  one **bleep** chooses over the other and their access to safe routes. (CyclingUK and British Horse Society figures.)

I identify as a velomobile, but I’d much rather identify as a carriage driver. Many of us are older and disabled, some are former riders, about 20% are aged 65+, a much-neglected subset. We are a separate equestrian group and we’d like to be identifiable as such.

Please include all equestrians?

Mt. Kenya

I was just directed to this thread as I understand it’s an opportunity to advocate for Strava to include horse rider tracking. Yes please! 
my cycling brother uses Strava and I was so impressed when he shared a route to me. If I could have access to that kind of data and data sharing I would use it every ride. 

Mt. Kenya

Please add equestrians, we use trails too , just like snow sports, cyclist/e-bikes, walkers and runners to name a few. Call it equestrian sports like the Apple Watch 

Mt. Kenya

I would love to see horse riding added. I am a horse rider and frequently use tracks that it would be good to have recorded. 

Mt. Kenya

Absolutely huge gap for this and with so many sports included it’s a shame not to be able to record and share with our other activities 

Mt. Kenya

Strava should definitely add horse riding. I use Strava for cycling walking and running and have never understood why horse riding is not available as an activity to add. Currently I have to use a different app. for my horse rides so I can’t see all my activities on one platform. I would be very pleased to see horseback riding on Strava! 

Mt. Kenya

Another vote for Horse riding please. I use Strava for walking, biking and running. Would be great if I could also use it for Horse riding x 

Mt. Kenya

Riding a horse is within the definition of active travel, but often is left out where walking and cycling are being promoted. It would be very helpful if Strava recognised horse riding as travel and also as an excellent recreational way of moving from A to B, with so many benefits for the mind, body and soul!

Mt. Kenya

Deffo need to add horse riding as an option. I ride MTB a lot and my other half does a lot of horse riding. Local bridleways are at risk due to lack of horse riding `heatmaps`. Please add a `horse riding` option. It can't be that difficult! 

Mt. Kenya

On Garmin there is a profile for Horse Riding, you can find on other OEM of waches as well, but without having it in Strava it is not synchronizing automatically.

Can you please add horse riding to strava?

Mt. Kenya

If you want my money add horseback riding. Right now I use Gaia but would consider this. For now I just test it out and identify as a cycle. Deal with it.

Pico de Orizaba

@MartaOlczak: out of interest, what does equestrian on Garmin show as when it’s moved to Strava? Garmin sailing widget moves to Strava as ‘rowing’ só needs a tweak of the activity post hoc…

Mt. Kenya

More hackiñg routes please to get vulnerable road users off busy roads.

New routes and links to existing bridleways welcome .

Mt. Kenya

Would love to see horse riding added as an activity and don't understand why it isn't already especially given that electronic bikes are included. I currently record my horse riding as a walk


 Hope to see horse riding added