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Pico de Orizaba

Equestrian activities have, for years, seemed like an obvious gap on the platform

Mt. Kenya

Hello @Jane,

I mean riding on a horse. For example dressage training in the hall or in the riding arena. Do you know what I mean?

Best regards, Sarah

Status changed to: Under Consideration
Moderator Moderator

Thank you @mercerkg for taking the time to submit this idea. 

The status has been changed to Under Consideration which means:

Aligns with our current initiatives and is being discussed by our product team.

More information on the idea process can be found in Community Guide to Ideas 

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Yes, another vote for equestrian activities to be added, please?

I drive my ponies and compete. I use Strava as “velomobile”.

Another point - because, in England and Wales, local government rights of way planners and policy makers use the excellent global heatmap to analyse evidence of use, excluding equestrians means that horse riders and horse drivers are ignored. 

In the UK 70% cyclists are male and 80% equestrians are female, so the latter are written out of plans for safe off-road routes, because they can’t contribute, leading to more road traffic accidents and equestrians and their horses getting injured and killed.

Horse riding and driving are important activities for keeping women especially involved regularly in sport, which is good for mental and physical health, as Sport England recognises. Many riders - and carriage drivers - are older, less able-bodied and disabled and riding and driving are good exercise, keeping people active and able to enjoy travelling in the countryside with friends and family.

Mobility scooters are included; can horse riding and carriage driving also be included?

Please consider equality of access to your app?

Thank you.


Mt. Kenya

I fully support the proposal that horseback riding in the countryside for pleasure (so hacking and longer distance riding in all its forms) be added to the Strava platform

Mt. Kenya

Horse riding should be included on Strava,  lots of riders use it but there is no equestrian symbol so we have to use the cycling one.

Mt. Kenya

There’s so many apps these days specially for horse riding an other equestrian sports. I myself am a keen endurance rider and use my other apps daily for this. I recently bought a Polar watch which is fantastic specifically due to having to maintain a manage the daily stats for both my horse an I. As have a lot of endurance riders throughout the world as this watch does it all and more. I have linked my Polar watch with the Strava app so they work in sync with each other and although the Polar watch has horse riding on it which I can get many valued stats from, having the Strava app work in conjunction with them both would make a huge  difference in the timing and recovery rate of both horse an rider. 
when will the decision be made to either add  this or not???

Mt. Kenya

The ommision of Equestrian activities makes Strava look biased.however can a site like this overlook such a popular activity? I bet the decisions in strava are made by men. Suggest this serious ommision is corrected asap if Strava is to achieve credibility


Mt. Kenya

Please add horse riding 

Mt. Kenya

An excellent idea! I’d love to be able to select horse riding instead of walk when out on my horse! 

Mt. Kenya

Please add horse riding as an option. When I have used the app I have had to select walking or cycling as the option. There are millions of people that would use the app, if it was added. Instead we are using alternative apps now. Being able to use one app to record all types of physical activity would be great, especially as Strava can link to the gym app I have.

Mt. Kenya

I would like to see horse riding included, please.  It would be great to see the trails I use and check the distances when getting the horse (and me) fit, and I agree it is misleading to put it under MTB or hiking.

Mt. Kenya

How difficult is it to add an activity? Another vote for horse riding. Just add it and we can all crack on! 

Mt. Kenya


please add Horse Riding to the activities list.

I currently record my horse riding routes on Strava as cycle rides 🐎


Mt. Kenya

It would be great to have horse riding as an option. I use workout or walk at the moment but neither reflect the sport correctly 

Mt. Kenya

I think, for me, horse riding is also about training for longer events. I used to do endurance riding! Which relies on measuring average speeds when out riding and potentially heart rate (most endurance riders use horse heart rate monitors). There are dedicated riding apps, but the issue I have is also that I run and wanted one place to record all the data. I did try not to pollute other disciplines by logging all horse riding as ‘workouts’ but I lost a lot of the useful information that way. I would definitely recommend.