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Status: Gathering Kudos

Feature suggestion: voice notify of pace improvements

First I run the trail route and the app saves my running pace value at each GPS point of that route.

Next time I run this same route, my instantaneous running pace is compared in real time to the past pace, at that same instantaneous GPS point.

While running, in real time, the app could inform me if my instantaneous running pace is better or worst than the previously saved running pace, at that same instantaneous GPS point.

This is useful because: I´m repeating running the same route. However I never know if, at that instant, I´m running faster or running slower than previously. 

Furthermore, the app could eventually compare in real time my instantaneous pace against my beast ever pace, and, speak that comparison in real time, while I'm running.

The app feedback could be a voice saying something such as:

"you're running faster than your best"

"you're running 10 percent faster than your best."

"you're running slower than your best"

"you're running 15 percent slower than your best"

It could be set to stay silent if there's no significant difference from the saved pace values.


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Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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