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Status: Gathering Kudos

I'm part of a club thats quickly growing (The Last Drop) and we've been using Strava Club as our main page to manage club rides, ride attendance, member growth. We have a "free member club" vs "Paid Member Club".

We were hoping to see some club metrics as administrators such as:

- Member growth (Month by Month) (new members that are invited to club vs follow free club)
- Historical ride attendance / RSVP per ride
- Total rides per week
- Attendance per week
- # of members that leave the club / unfollow
- Events per week
- All historical events

Mt. Kenya

Great idea. I would like to have monthly and yearly club statistics. Or at least a monthly report that can be shared. 

Mt. Kenya

 It would be interesting to have club rankings on a monthly basis instead of weekly, what do you think of this idea?

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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​​Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our team and is now open to voting.

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Hi Everyone,

I´ve been doing the last three years an Strava League within my Triathlon Club to compare how many kms we have swam, run and rode. 

Every 4 months I extracted from each member of my club the kms and transfer to a spreadsheet where I order it and then I make a combined classification taking in consideration the ranking on the three disciplines.

It would be helpful if Strava could have directly the statistics in the Club Page of kms swam, run and rode so it would be way easier to take all this data than going member by member checking its stats and it would be a + for Strava Premium users.

Mt. Kenya


how do you extract the data for your club members?  I am wanting to do the same but not sure how and have been looking!


Mt. Kenya

I agree, I think a week is too short sometimes so having the option to look a whole month will give a better picture.

Some places also run competitions on a monthly or quarterly basis so collecting weekly information is a bit of a pain this would be much easier (and less likely to lose data by missing a week)


Mt. Kenya


 In this screen of the club statistics, it would be nice to have a week/month toggle so you can compare mileage per month aswell. 


I feel like the Club feature isn't really well explored in Strava. I'm working on a code to enable what I will suggest that might become another app/website, but I will be fair and propose it directly to you since I and bazillions of people already use Strava.

Club Events and Stats already exist, but you can only see future events, and only a very limited stats collection based on individual activities by the club members.

I think it would be cool if there is a tab where you can see past events and who was on it, or at least how many people were on it. Having this, you can also make a leaderboard for attendance. And then you can have stats like total number of events hosted by the club, collective distance ridden (in events), club events heatmap, and whatever other stats that data analysis allow us to do. Basically a Club profile more similar to a User profile.

I have many others suggestions related to clubs, but for now that's all.

Pico de Orizaba

Kind of like the “Statistics” page for individual profiles, but for clubs as well so you can see how many hours and kilometres the total club activities have been. It would be pretty cool to check out.

Mt. Kenya

It's possible to create a Club or Club Event for an event taking place on a specific date, ie a charity cycle sportive on 16th July. This is great. It brings together individuals that have signed up for the event but currently all they can do is compare their standing in a weekly leaderboard. 

It would be a massive improvement if there was an option to specify a date (or date range) for the club leaderboard. Everyone would immediately see how well they performed on 16th July compared to other participants.

This would almost do away with chip timing for many non-competitive events. Thank you.


+1 on the leaderboard for club event participations (instead of total distance accumulated in all activites)


Dear All.

Club data is really useful to coaches.

1. Please retain Weekly stats.  Monthly stats should also be made available, on the last Sunday of the month. Don't forget we can see weekly totals for any runner in their profiles, going back several weeks.

2. Please add in the total of all club runs in 'Last Week's' stats.  The accumulative total of all club runners is actually available every day of the current week, at every moment right up to 2359hrs! Then it is no longer visible, even though we have a list of stats of last week's top 100 runners (on the web interface).

3. Please provide CSV data downloads.  Data could be downloaded for any chosen week, then coaches can manipulate the data to their requirements.

Thank you.

Mt. Kenya

Club Leaderboards are currently posted and updated week by week.  So at the end of the year, why not total the previous 52 weeks of data and post everyone’s cumulative data on an Annual Club Leaderboard?

Mt. Kenya


On the Club Leaderboard it would be really helpful if you could track back the Lead Athlete for each week over a period of Weeks and months (perhaps up to 12 months). The stats disappear every Sunday evening and for club friendly-competition reasons- it would be really useful to track.

Our club Leaderboard link is

Mt. Kenya

It seems bizarre that club members cannot look back at weekly stats, the fact that they just vanish seems very 2010.
This idea was submitted in 2022 and it's such a shame that it has not been implemented yet.
come on Strava, put our subscription monies to good use and keep your app moving with the times. 😊🙏