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Status: Gathering Kudos

Can rucking be added to list of activities/sport. It’s not the same as walking or hiking 🙂 thanks! 

Mt. Kenya

I also agree that it would be good to have an option to add “extra weight” to hikes. Maybe by selecting a backpack from an equipment list, just like a bike for biking and then specifying a weight for the backpack, just like you do for a bike. 

That way, you can have multiple weights pre-set. It’s then a feature that would work for many use-cases: rucking, backpacking, hiking with a toddler in a pack on your bag.


 This should be easy to code: just apply the existing functionality for equipment + weight for equipment from the activity type biking.

Mt. Kenya

Rucking is growing in popularity. Would love to see this added to the app’s activity list.

Mt. Kenya

I have been rucking for 6 months and wish that I could display / see the weight that I carried on a hike. The benefit of adding carried weight on a 'hike' is that the 'relative effort' will be significantly higher without resorting to 'jogging' with a ruck sack. I look forward to having this Strava feature!

Mt. Kenya

So Strava......

What's it going to take to get this Rucking idea incorporated into the software?

For every person who actually replies to the ideas thread there's going to be another 100 who agree with the idea. So what's the holdup? Will all the devices that are compatible with Strava require a firmware update or are we just waiting for someone to write the code and figure out the caloric burn algorithm?

Mt. Kenya

Strava, Please let us know if you plan on adding Rucking to your list of activities. You’ve responded to me already but is this something that is in the works? Timeline perhaps? So many people are asking for this to be added. An update on this would be great. Can you email all subscribers an update regarding this? Thanks a bunch 

Mt. Kenya

Please add rucking as an activity! 


Mt. Kenya

Would love to see rucking (or simply optional ‘carried weight’) added. Please Strava! 🙏

Mt. Kenya

Yeah, honestly, the ability to track added weight in Walks, Runs, but, at the very least, Hikes seems like an option that should have been added years ago... like as soon as Hike was added as an activity. Anyone who has ever hiked knows packs are commonplace when hiking, and that it makes a huge difference in effort and therefore calorie burn. And this calorie burn, I should note, is pretty easy to at least approximate based on added weight.

Maybe don't add a Ruck activity, but if we have Snowshoeing, Standup Paddling, Badminton, three types of Skiing, and Kitesurfing (to just name a few), it's a little bit insane to not have a weighted pack option for Hiking. Like, how have we done enough analysis to differentiate the minutiae between Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash, Racquetball, and Tennis, but haven't added a weight option to Hikes?

OK, rant over. The nonsensical nature of it just kind of grinds me.

Anyway, love the other aspects of the app. Overall, good work.

Pico de Orizaba

I genuinely believe adding Rucking under activity will greatly benefit our Military and Veterans.

Mt. Kenya


Can you add Rucking as an activity + a customizable field with weights we carry.


Mt. Kenya

Let’s go team Strava! Rucking is taking off.. you’ll be the top destination app for this new breed of athletes! 

Mt. Kenya

Could just combine: walking, hiking, rucking, backpacking… but need to be able to at weight carried for rucking/backpacking.  If that could be factored into cal per hour that would be awesome.

Mt. Kenya


Mt. Kenya

Please add Rucking to the app with an added weight/increased calorie expenditure! 

Mt. Kenya

Yes please!