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When I'm planning a gravel bike ride, I want to know where all the gravel / dirt / unpaved roads are - not just the ones along my planned route.

In the route planning map, it shows me which sections of my current route are paved vs dirt -vs unknown - so it's clear that Strava has this data about many roads - but in order to know whether other roads are dirt, I have to drag a waypoint over to them, which is slow and awkward.

In the routing preferences, I can choose between "prefer dirt surfaces", "prefer paved surfaces", and "any surface", which is useful, but isn't the same as being able to see where everything is. Often, I am willing to go out of the way to ride a new gravel/dirt road, but I might not ever discover it by relying on the "prefer dirt surfaces" routing option.

I'd like to see the surface type of all roads on the map - perhaps as a layer that I can turn on or off like the heatmap layers.

Mt. Kenya

So when you ride your gravel bike, you can see how much of your ride was actual gravel. This could be important to promote your ride among gravel riders... so your friends (and yourself) can see if this ride has a substantial percentage of gravel. This might not be usefull in the US where there is a lot of gravel, but it is a great help in Belgium where you don't find enough gravel for half your ride sometimes.

You can do the same with climbing kilometers when using the gradient map... so you can see how much of your ride was actually uphill.

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This would be super useful. An api endpoint for this would be great as well. 

Mt. Kenya

On each ride, show a breakdown by surface type (IE: 90% paved, 5% dirt, 5% unknown); the same would then be aggregated and displayed on our profile for yearly statistics.

This is important because we all like to compare our efforts to our own and against the community. Just as a 100km ride with 0m elevation gain is easier than a 100km ride with 1,000m elevation gain, so is a 100km ride with 90% dirt harder than a 100km ride with 0% dirt.


Mt. Kenya

I like this idea!


good idea - this would be very useful.


I agree that this would be incredibly useful. 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Jane (she/her)
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Mt. Kenya

Improvement for the route creator at the strava desktop website:
Project the underground roadtype on the map, so users can create routes with unpaved roads.
Like similar to

for example I would like to create a gravel route.
On the website from i can see where the unpaved roads are, so I can create a specific gravel route.
Strava shows only the underground road type when a route is created. Not where these roads are.

Mt. Kenya

I concur with this sentiment! dying to see my totals for each surface type.


Excellent idea. And it goes the other way too for roadies. It'd be very helpful if we could see where the gravel roads are so we can be sure to avoid them in our planning.

Mt. Kenya

Great idea. Adding a third surface type will allow for better route planning. Ending up on a lot of single track even in Girona!