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Status: Gathering Kudos

It would be really nice to have the OPTION of the activity automatically ending when you get back to where you started.   For those of us that are not thinking about Strava as we end activity it would save us much time doing after the fact "cropping".  It would also keep other users from getting upset with our car rides.  


That would really help some people, like if at least 5 min has passed and you're in a vicinity of 50 m of your starting point than stop the activity. I only fear most who "don't think about Strava" would never get to know that such an option exists and if they know they would be too apprehensive to use it to avoid unwanted activity ends.


If it showed up as an option on the screen as you started that would let people know it is there.  
You are right a time variable for how long at the same place before it ends would be nice.  
I believe the GPS is accurate to ~+/-3 M, so I think you can go much less than 50 M.  That distance would be too large for runners. 

Mt. Kenya

This feature would be great. Most of my activities start and end at home, and I often forget to end my activity and have to discard.


@JourneysEnd - I hope you aren't discarding the entire activity when this happens.  The better option would be just to "crop" off the end of the activity.  It is really easy to do from the "edit" feature when you open the activity.

Mt. Kenya

@anchskier  I had been, it wasn't until reading the earlier comments that I realised there was a crop option. Thanks for your comment.

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